5 Christmas Mixes To Listen To This Holiday Season

5 Christmas Mixes To Listen To This Holiday Season

Well into December, there is no doubt that the Christmas spirit is becoming more and more prevalent. From the packed shopping malls, stressed parents, and overexcited kids, there is no shortage of evidence that Christmas is on its way this year. To help you get into the holiday cheers, we have 5 Christmas mixes to listen to to get you through the winter season.

Coal for Christmas

Our first pick is BeatsbyJulius’ instrumental album “Coal for Christmas.” This mix features 17 minutes of jazzy hip hop instrumentals with various Christmas elements such as bells and samples from classic Christmas anthems. However, all the beats have an old boom-bap feel to them, a sound that is responsible for the coming up of hip hop music in the 90s. If you’re into slow lofi beats and old school hip hop jams, this mix is definitely one that you will want to listen to.

Christmas Hip Hop Music Mix

If Christmas to you is an excuse to get wild and party it up then this mix is for you. Curated by DJ Noize, this mix is filled with hip hop bangers that would have been perfect for the clubs. A mix of club rap and trap, this mix has tracks ranging from Run DMC to Gucci Mane. If you’re missing the club scene, this mix has all the trap bangers to get you back in the mood and will uplift that Christmas party spirit.

Christmas Chill Mix

Our third pick for the mixes to listen to is for all our dance music fans out there. This mix features deep house original and remixes from artists such as Frank Ocean and Matoma. Christmas is a time for cheer and being jolly and this mix encompasses that really well with uplifting tunes and top 40 remixes throughout the entire hour. The mix however maintains a Christmas feel to it as all the drums and percussion feature some sort of bell, an ode to the carol ‘jingle bells.’ A mix perfect for getting you in that Christmas spirit.

Best of Future Bass Mix

For many people, Christmas is a time to get the latest games and gaming consoles. Sometimes, the best thing to pair a new video game is some hype up future bass music. This mix is a great gaming mix as it has high energy drops all with a little Christmas vibe to it. If Christmas to you sounds like spending the days inside playing the new Playstation 5, then this mix is for you!

A Good Hour of Good Olde Classic Christmas Songs

With all this new music coming out, sometimes the best thing is to resort to the classics. The final mix to listen to this holiday season features all the classic Christmas tunes from Baby It’s Cold Outside to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. If you’re old fashioned and enjoy a classic Christmas then this mix is for you.

We hope that these suggestions will help you enjoy the Christmas spirit and get you into that holiday cheer. Let us know what other mixes we should keep an ear out for in the comments down below!