The vast majority of people will be fully aware of CBD by now. The versatile cannabinoid has shot to prominence, taking the wellness industry by storm in the past 5 years and this progress shows now signs of slowing down. 

Vaping is another similarly rising trend in recent years as the world gradually moves away from traditional smoking. It was always inevitable that there would be a crossover between CBD and vaping at some point and when it eventually happened, popularity soared.

This article will aim to provide an overview of exactly what CBD vape oil is and why it has become so popular. Before we get stuck into this, let us refresh exactly what CBD is for those who may not be aware.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known by its abbreviation, CBD, is one of over 100 phytocannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant. The two most dominant of these are CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. 

This is where there is usually some confusion. The clear distinction between the two is that THC is a psychoactive compound. This is responsible for the high that is typically associated with smoking cannabis. CBD, on the other hand is non-psychoactive, so will not make you high.

There are three main types of CBD that you should be aware of:

  • Full Spectrum CBD – This contains a wide range of additional terpenes and flavonoids, as well as CBD. It also contains trace amounts of THC, which must legally be below 0.2% in the UK. This is not sufficient to get the user high.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD – This contains all of the above, but does not contain THC. This is often considered a ‘happy medium’ for those who may want to avoid THC due to drug testing for example, but also want to enjoy the benefits of additional terpenes and flavonoids.
  • CBD Isolate – This is the purest form of CBD and contains absolutely nothing else. It is usually sold as a powder or crystal.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is very different to traditional CBD oil in tincture form. While they may look fairly similar, they must not be confused. Do not try to vape your sublingual CBD oil drops! 

CBD Vape oil does not actually contain any oil. It usually contains CBD and perhaps a few additional terpenes and cannabinoids, if broad spectrum or full spectrum is being used. Besides that, it’s just propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine which enables the liquid to become vaporised. 

How Does Vaping CBD Work?

The process of vaping is a fairly straightforward one. A battery-powered heating element quickly heats the CBD vape oil until it turns into vapor, before being inhaled by the user.

Once inhaled into the lungs, the CBD vapor then passes through the alveoli on the surface of your lungs and directly enters your bloodstream. Your blood will then carry the CBD to your brain and interact with both the CB1 receptors in your brain and the CB2 receptors in your cells, which form part of your endocannabinoid system.

Why should I vape CBD oil? 

There are countless reasons why CBD vape oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular delivery methods in the CBD industry. We will run through just a few of these below.

  • Extremely Efficient – One of the downsides of CBD ingestible or topical products is that they have a low bioavailability. For example, when ingested, our digestive system breaks down between 80-95% of the CBD before it can reach our bloodstream. When vaping CBD oil however, only 40% is broken down prior to reaching the bloodstream. 
  • Fast Action – There is no doubt that CBD vape oil is the fastest delivery method available. Ingestible CBD products take around an hour to take effect, while topical CBD products usually take about 45 minutes. Vaping CBD however, usually takes between 2 to 5 minutes to have an impact. This makes it increasingly desirable for those who are seeking rapid action. It may be particularly useful for those who are looking to combat anxiety attacks and cannot wait an hour for the effects to take hold.
  • Easy to Use – Many new CBD users cite the difficulties associated with using CBD oil in tincture form as one of the main reasons for ceasing usage. It can indeed become a fiddly process, particularly if you are trying to use it on the go or have a busy lifestyle. In terms of ease of use, CBD vape oil clearly has the edge. Simply take a small draw of breath and exhale. Easy!
  • Dosage control – Dosing CBD vape oil can be much easier than other products due to how quickly it gets to work. Within 5 minutes of taking your first draw, you will have a pretty clear idea of how each one will affect you. This gives you a finer degree of control in comparison to CBD oil. 
  • Great Taste – Another notably common reason for people giving up CBD is the unpleasant aftertaste that often accompanies CBD oil when taken sublingually. This is completely reversed when it comes to vaping CBD. You are faced with an array of flavours to choose from, including everything from bubble gum to cheesecake!
  • Discreet Delivery Method – Again, in comparison to CBD oil tinctures, CBD vape oil is far more discreet. There is no doubt that many who are uneducated on the subject may send some awkward questions your way and it is understandable that you may want to avoid such conversation. There is very little smell that accompanies vaping CBD, provided you are using a product of reasonable quality. This means that those around you would have no idea you were vaping CBD.


As you can see from what you have just read, there is no doubt that CBD vape oil offers a great option for anyone hoping to try a new CBD product, or perhaps change from their existing one. Particularly in recent years, we have seen its popularity rise and for good reason. 

Before trying any CBD product however, it is important to check with your GP or doctor to ensure that you avoid any contraindication.

Finally, always ensure that you request a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) from any retailer that you are using for the first time. This is an independent list of ingredients curated by an independent third-party laboratory that provides peace of mind.