While vaping has been around for a while now, in recent years, the industry has begun to shift away from the bulky vape batteries for smaller options with customizable voltage settings. The vape pens from O.pen are the perfect example of a company that has refined their vape pen batteries with the perfect voltage setting options. Known as the original vape pen of choice for 510-thread cartridges since 2012, they have since upgraded their hardware.  In this article, we will be taking a look at why O.pen marijuana vape pens are the best choice for vaping THC carts. 

Just like the batteries have evolved, so have the vape cartridges for them too. We will educate you about new and improved types of prefilled THC cartridges and  pens available from O.pen. This company started extracting cannabis oil in 2010, and launched their 510-thread vape batteries in 2012. They have accumulated a large following on Instagram because of their premium vape battery options and prefilled cartridges. Learn about the differences in benefits on the O.pen premium cannabis oil vape options below.  

The O.pen just recently had a major improvement with their THC cartridges and disposable vape pens which we cover in this article.

Best Disposable THC Vape Pens

The best type of THC cartridges are cannabis derived terpene options, and full spectrum carts, both types are available from O.pen. Their Cured Resin and Live Resin cartridge lines are filled with this type of marijuana oil extract. Terpenes are extracted from the marijuana plant using a CO2 or BHO extraction method. These types of cannabis oil cartridges provide what is known as the entourage effect, which is when cannabinoids and terpenes work together to create a more cohesive and effective experience. Their Daily Strains cartridges are their economical option with THC levels up to 92%, and they have many popular strain options to choose from with this product line. 

Popular marijuana strains for their distillate Daily Strains carts include Chemdawg, Green Crack, Lemon Cake, Tropicanna Cookies and many others.

The New Micro Disposable THC Pen

The first THC vape pen on the list is a compact pen that is made perfectly to fit into the smallest part of your day. It’s an improved version of O.pen’s previous disposable THC vape pen. This device has a small and sleek design but still packs a punch. Loaded full of quality cannabis oil, it offers users a disposable containing 300 mg. This THC vape pen offers the option for both botanical terpenes and flavored distillate oil. 

Daily Strains – Experience Popular Marijuana Strains 

Experience a compact disposable THC vape pen that’s pre-filled with tasty cannabis oil of well known strains. The Micro offers a multitude of popular strains, although availability depends on your location, one of their more popular strains is Northern Lights. 

Flavoured Distillate with High Potency

Flavors for the botanical terpenes include Vanilla Cake, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon. The Mirco is perfect for the occasional smoker, who doesn’t quite enjoy the full flavor of weed. These flavors still provide the full 300 mg of THC plus the sweet taste of your choice. The Micro is also great for those who want a quick high, but are not avid smokers. With 300 mg, even frequent users will get a nice high for a decent price.

Best 510-Thread Pre-filled THC Oil Cartridges

Okay, let’s dive into the best cannabis oil carts from O.pen and talk about their new products! This company has over a decade of crafting the best THC oil with just the right receipts with their cannabis derived and botanical terpenes. They offer three different types of marijuana extracted oil for their vape cartridges, and we are going to explore each of those below. 

Daily Strains (Terpene Rich Botanical and Cannabis Derived Extract Options)

Experience the combination of cannabis terpenes and a dash of botanical terpenes mixed together, and experience the best THC cartridges (won first place on internationalhighlife.com for best THC carts in 2021) for affordable prices. The Daily Strains line offers some top strains in the cannabis industry. With testing results showing up to 84% cannabinoids, this pen is sure to get you as high as you can get. Offered in both 500mg and 1,000mg forms, the Daily Strains cartridges are one of the most popular pre-filled THC cartridges on the market. 

Discover 15 of The Top Weed Strains including: 

  1. Chem Dawg
  2. Tropicanna Cookies
  3. GG #4
  4. Blue Dream
  5. Fire OG
  6. Green Crack
  7. Jack Herer
  8. Lemon Cake
  9. Master Kush
  10. Mimosa
  11. Northern Lights
  12. SFV OG
  13. Strawberry Cheesecake
  14. Trainwreck
  15. and XJ-13

Each THC oil vape cartridge comes in a strain art designed box and includes a peelable sticker that you can use to remember the strain on your device. Coupled with the high quality ceramic coils, you are sure to find a strain you love on the Daily Strains line.

The Daily Strains vape cartridges offer all the best aspects of high end, high potency THC oil, but at an affordable price. This selection of cartridges is a unique lineup of handpicked, popular strains that deliver consistent effects and flavor profiles you can come back to time and time again. The Daily Strains line offers all the things you love about the Daily Strains line but with the highest quality weed. That includes 84% cannabinoids on average, and with quality ceramic coils that insure that every hit is just as good as the last. These pre-filled THC cartridges are a top choice for the cannabis consumer who loves tasty flavors and high potency.

Come back to the same flavour profiles and strains you’re familiar with Daily strains cartridges.

Cured Resin (Cannabis Derived Terpenes THC Oil Carts)

Using a Subcritical CO2 extraction process that preserves the oils and terpenes of the strain, Cured Resin cartridges ensure that you are getting the best tasting THC oil possible. Think of it like a cold brew coffee, the taste is bold and well-rounded with every note able to stand out and shine. The Cured Resin line of cartridges are sourced from the best local farms. Learn about the flavour & terpene profile of the strain on the packaging, giving you the opportunity to know what you are getting into before you even open the box. 

Ceramic Core and Stainless Steel Mouthpiece 

Experience super smooth vaping and a very nice stainless steel mouthpiece that gives it more of a luxurious product feel. More importantly, the ceramic core is the reason for the ability to vape dense vape clouds and do so with cool vapor. The O.pen cartridges have been improved over and over and produce big clouds with low failure rates.

Plus, the Cured Resin vape cartridges have won awards for the quality and flavour of their oil. If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favour and give these THC cartridges a try, you will not regret it. 

Live Resin

Experience the entire cannabis plant which will result in feeling much more with live resin THC oil cartridges. They extract from freshly frozen bud using butane, resulting in a super delicious and potent BHO extract (Butane hash oil). Strains will vary for this line up because they are frequently sourcing from different talented farms. Discover new strains as they change in their live resin cartridge options. Find these live resin cartridges available in half gram 510-thread vape cartridges.

Best THC Pen Batteries For 510-Thread Cartridges 

Experience the luxurious feature of rapid charge with your vape pen from O.pen, they keep it simple with their stylus vape pen batteries. The voltage settings that are perfect for prefilled THC oil cartridges with a 510 thread connection.

The Best Small Vape Pen Battery 

You’re not going to find a compact vape pen for so cheap and provide optimal vape hits with your carts like the ISH. Not to mention that even at it’s affordable $4.99 on sale price right now, ISH batteries are rechargeable and allow users to reuse the product again and again. The ISH is a great device for anyone looking for quality cannabis oil that they can enjoy in a slim and compact form that offers great taste along with potent weed. It may only have one voltage setting at 3.7 volts, and it’s truly that sweet spot that works great with all the majority of THC cartridges for sale. Experience smooth vape hits that still have its flavour intact and density to the clouds.

O.pen Stylus Vape Batteries On Sale For $9.99

Experience the convenience of not having to hold down on any button to vape a 510-thread cartridge. Just screw your cart on and inhale, it’s that easy! The single temperature is perfect for any O.pen cartridge, and most other brands too. Pick from among 5 different colors and use a vape pen battery that’s going to provide the most smooth vape hits of your life. The O.pen company has figured it out and optimized their vape pen batteries with the best voltage settings for THC carts. 

510-Thread Variable Voltage 2.0 Vape Pen Battery

The best vape pen from O.pen is their variable voltage option, known as their 2.0 version. Always have a fully charged vape pen because of the super rapid charging feature, it takes only 20 minutes to charge completely! This battery provides 4-voltage settings that are optimized for 510-thread carts, and has a dab mode for wax atomizers. This THC pen battery is also a stylus, and is great to use with your smartphone! 


With so many disposable weed and pre-filled oil pens available on the market, it can feel overwhelming on what to choose. But, you don’t have to feel that way anymore. The disposable pens offered by O.pen Vape come in a variety of strains and flavours that are lab tested to ensure that the products are safe.

These brands provide pens with impressive hits with their high quality ceramic coils and contain a high potency. No matter how experienced of a smoker you are, these pens are guaranteed to give you a nice high. If you care about quality taste and experiencing the best that marijuana has to offer, you have to try these products from O.pen..