Taking a 420-friendly adventure is the ultimate relaxation experience. Whether you’re exploring an overseas village or venturing to the West Coast, taking a few tokes can add a new dimension to tried-and-true highs. And while cannabis legalization efforts have taken root across the globe, not every destination falls into the herb-friendly category. Inconsistency among cannabis laws makes traveling with bud much more complicated, and failure to research regulation could result in consequential marijuana charges. With these charges in mind, recklessly transporting flower from coast to coast could result in citations, fines, or even jail time—so carry your carts with caution. 

Before you pack up your favourite strain and head out for an adventure, consider these six things you must know about traveling with marijuana. 

Traveling within the United States 

As of 2021, 34 U.S. states have legalized the medical or recreational use of marijuana. Despite the broadened acceptance of cannabis, most states impose strict purchasing and possession laws. For example, in a recreational state like Nevada, carrying more than one ounce of herb can be charged as a category E felony. 

Take care to research the intricate laws specific to the state you are visiting. Even those with medical marijuana licenses should research out-of-state regulations in their intended destination. Some states may require you to register for a temporary medical card to transport your cannabis legally. In those few states where marijuana is illegal or decriminalized, there is no lawful way to bring herb across their borders. 

Traveling to another country 

Countries like Canada and Argentina have taken progressive legal stances on marijuana. Although several strict transportation laws remain in place preventing you from crossing into their borders with bud. If border agents detect marijuana in your luggage or person, they can arrest you or even ban you from entering the country indefinitely. When considering a hazy international vacation, be a good weed tourist and plan to purchase cannabis upon your arrival. 

Travel by car 

Traveling between state lines falls under federal jurisdiction, meaning transporting bud to another state is technically a federal offense. When traveling from one recreational state to another, the line becomes blurred. However, drivers should be wary if they happen to cross into federal lands or parks during the trip. When venturing between cities within a legal state, restrictions are incredibly loose. Just be sure you’re aware of possession laws regulating how much marijuana you can store in the car. 

Travel by plane 

When flying in the U.S., packing flower is out of the question, although travellers might be able to carry vape pens. The most important thing to consider is local law. In recreational states like California, individuals can have up to an ounce on their person inside the airport. Although once you step foot on the plane, you are expected to dispose of your stash. Other recreational states are unlikely to flag vape pens during security screening, but they will ask you to toss them once detected. Ultimately, American airspace falls under federal jurisdiction, so it’s best not to carry any herb onto a flight. 

Travel by train, bus, or boat 

Traveling by these methods is largely dependent on company policy. In rarer cases, certain companies, such as Amtrak, bar travelers from bringing flower onboard—even in legal states. Greyhound buses enforce similar policies, even if the whole route travels within a recreational state’s lines. While it might seem tempting to light up on a cruise ship, know that most lines will slap you with a hefty fine if caught with cannabis. So before you pack up some bud, it’s best to contact the transportation company and inquire about their cannabis policy. 


Once you’ve confirmed how and where you will travel with bud, it’s time to consider how to store the precious pot. Odor-proof containers are the best safe place for stinky marijuana and keep other passengers from becoming irritated with the unwanted smell. 

Look for discreet pouches, cases, or reusable bags that feature strong seals. 

Happy travels 

Whether you are planning a cross-country road trip or leading an elevated jet-setting lifestyle, it’s best to be prepared, discreet, and responsible. With this expert knowledge, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying the bud-based adventure of a lifetime.