Cannabis Hemp Conference 2016 Panel – Cannabis Growing and Cultivation

Watch this panel discussion on cannabis growing and cultivation from the Cannabis Hemp Conference, Jul. 9, in Vancouver.

The panel is moderated by Josh “plant builder” Rettie, a cannabis professional for the last 18 years who has years of in-depth experience in retail and wholesale markets, cultivation and extraction methods.

Panelists include Internet Dispensary owner and Cannabis Growers of Canada member Travis Lane, Flower of Life Compassion Club master herbalist Sarah Bradshaw, Flower of Life Compassion Club president Selena Wong and Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation lead agrologist David Bernard-Perron.

The panel discussed a variety of growing techniques, with a focus on natural processes.

“To have pesticides and chemicals and irradiated medicine is not a standard that I think is a standard and we’re here to set a new one,” said Selena Wong. “We’re very open to where the medicine comes from, how is it produced, and we’re always looking to do better.”

Sarah Bradshaw said, to combat insects in her garden, she’ll plant basil and other herbs in her grow room.

“One of the things that I do do is I use what I call bait plants, which are my little canary in the gold mine,” she said. “Anything that is going to eat my marijuana is going to go after them first because they’re tenderer, softer and actually a lot tastier to the bugs.”

Travis Lane said he likes to produce his own plants from seed rather than cloning plants.

“If you’re in the industry in BC, some people do horde their genetics and try to turn it into a monetary, proprietary thing, but, for the most part, we live in a pretty good part of the world to acquire a lot of fine genetics,” he said. “As long as you have a good source for seeds, clones are not the be all and end all — find your own elites by popping seeds. They’re out there, all those phenotypes were a seed to start with.”

Watch the video for the full discussion.

Thanks to Pot TV for providing additional camera angles.