Host and founder of Cannabis in Canada Jason Wilcox is joined by co-host and president of the Cannabis Growers Association of Canada Chad Jackett as they discuss the latest in cannabis news and events.

This week’s guests include:

Tania Jackett —  Cannabis Growers of Canada director

Jamie Shaw  —  British Columbia Compassion Club Society president

Shega A’Mula  – Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries chief operating officer

Sarah Sunday  – Karma Cup strain competition organizer

Sarah Sunday will speak about her event, the Karma Cup, held in Toronto, Oct. 16 – 18.

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Shega and Jamie join Cannabis in Canada to discuss the Women’s Grow and their effort in bringing the U.S.-based group to Canada.

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Jamie Shaw will speak with Jason and Chad about the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Certification Program as well as the recent City of Vancouver regulations and dispensary guidelines.