Cannabis Knuckles not a hit idea

As the stigma surrounding cannabis use continues to go up in smoke, some people still seem determined to keep pot associated with illegal behaviour.

Or at least associated with things just as silly as prohibition itself.

Take Russianfruitiman, a user of a website where people offer free downloadable schematics for 3D printing. Russianfruitiman has come up with the idea of special plasticized brass knuckles with pot leafs added.

Which is basically the opposite of what flower power is supposed to be about.


Knuckle dusters exist for one purpose only: to inflict the most damage possible by dramatically increasing a person’s punching power. If you’ve never seen them in action before, here’s Angelina Jolie beating the shit out of Professor X to demonstrate:


I’m not sure why Russianfruitiman imagines weed lovers would want to punch anyone with plastic pot plants, but adding ornamental pointy parts would probably just make them get snagged in your pocket if you needed to put them on in a hurry. Which may explain why nobody has reported making a pair yet.

If cannabists were to carry brass knuckles, it’d probably be one of rapper Xzibit’s fine new vape pens, which pack a punch in a good way instead of a bad one.


Metal knuckles are banned in most counties although the new plastic ones are mostly still off the books. For example, brass knuckles are prohibited weapons in Canada but the meltier variety are still OK for now. Which is good news for people who may need to beat somebody up inside an airport. In many U.S. states it’s legal to carry a concealed gun but not knucks. Because America.

The invention of the 3D printer has been touted as the greatest breakthrough in humanity’s ongoing quest to eventually never have to go to a store again. We can make anything, in any shape, at the merest press of a button. It’s possible that someday Russianfruitiman will put his talents to better use and start creating useful things like free car parts, musical instruments or even bongs rather than more weed-themed weaponry.

Although to give credit where it’s due: Cannabis Knuckles would at least serve their intended purpose in a fight. Which is more than you can say for the knuckle-headed ones below that you wouldn’t be able to get your fingers through.


Unless maybe you’re this guy.