Cannabis Legalization Will Afford Police With More Roadside Power

The police in Canada will be looking to get more authority now that the country is moving toward legalization of the cannabis plant. The police will need new power in order to deal with their worries of stoned drivers on the streets, even though alcohol still poses the biggest threat when it comes to impaired drivers. The police are going to be increasingly looking for impaired drivers and by later this year the Ontario police will be penalizing drug-impaired drivers in the same way that they do with drunk drivers on the road.

Despite there being many concerns from anti-legalization proponents, we’ve seen that legalization hasn’t led to the horror-on-the-road scenario that some fear monger about, in areas that have already gone ahead with legalization like Colorado. In fact, since legalization the state of Colorado has actually seen safer roads rather than an increase in incidents.

“Currently, under Ontario‘s Highway Traffic Act, the police cannot immediately remove drivers from the road who they reasonably believe are impaired by drugs, including – but not limited to – marijuana.,” said Transportation ministry spokesman Bob Nichols.

Similar sanctions that will apply to drug-impaired drivers will be escalating short-term license suspensions of three, seven, and 30 days. Imposing a 90-day license suspension, and impounding of the vehicle. MADD Canada also wants the police to do saliva-based roadside testing for pot. The transportation ministry for the province is also going to be funding a study that will research the issue of establishing “legal limits” for THC.