There are numerous strains available out there, but not all are created equal, there are several must-try strains that will give renewed experience with cannabis. The following list of products is a combination of processed and natural strains grown all over the world and effectively provides you what you seek in cannabis. With all manners of effects, aromas, and flavors these innovative classics should be part of your menu:

Granddaddy Purple

A top strain among the Indica types, the bud provides berry flavors and a placid effect. Parented by the Purple Urkle and Big Bud, it has a grape overtone with an oversized and compact bud. It has a potent effect to go along with its beautiful foliage and higher yield, which growers love.

Strawberry Cough

This strain is famous for its sweet smell of strawberries. One way of getting its uplifting euphoria is through Strawberry Cough Delta 8 THC Cartridge which sources premium Delta 8 Distillate. In recent years, processing strains to extract Delta 8 from an originally Delta 9-abundant raw source has yielded promising new results in getting into a more relaxed state. Delta 8 activates both CB1 and CB2 receptors that results in a better natural resting state. This means the body is in its relaxed status void of the fight or flight mode that one may tend to be in.

Acapulco Gold

A golden strain indeed, that is commonly described as having a luxurious meal in a world-class restaurant, this popular strain originates around the area of Acapulco, Mexico. This highly-sought strain has become more difficult to find and those who have tried it are always looking for a reliable source or their regular fix. It leaves the consumer happy and works great against stress and depression. 


This hybrid strain gives off an opposite effect to its intense name. The earthy smell coupled with its sweet taste gives off a relaxed and mellowed feeling. This variety has won awards since its creation in 1992. It gives off an uplifting relaxation which can be attributed to its prime genetic heritage.

Pineapple Express

Made famous by the movie of the same name, the Pineapple Express gets the tropical flavor from its parent strain along with its potent effects. The fruity smell of this primarily Sativa-hybrid gives off a mellow buzz which leaves you in a long-lasting euphoric state. You can use this either day or night, and it’ll give you the happiness you seek after a long day. 

California Orange

Also known as Cali Orange, this classic strain is popular because when taken in moderation, it leaves the consumer in an upbeat and euphoric state. An equal parts combination of Indica and Sativa, it helps with stress and anxiety. But when taken in heavier doses, it delivers an effect closely caused by Sativa.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

This legendary Sativa strain comes from the Matanuska Valley, Alaska. This classic strain is hearty and the sweet plant gives off a powerful buzz that gives you an intense but relaxing high as well as, boosts your appetite. It’s good to relieve yourself after a stressful day or if you’re feeling anxious.


This Sativa-dominant strain gets its uplifting, relaxing, and creative effects from its various parent strains. This is ideal for treating people with mood disorders, along with high psychotropic effects that casual consumers should watch out for. If you’re growing this strain, you’ll have to contend with moderate yields after a 9 to 10 flowering period.


This citrus-flavored hybrid that possesses a lime sherbet scent helps you lift your mood. You can expect dreamy and lasting effects from this product that helps with depression and anxiety.

Northern Lights

This pure Indica is one of the most famous strains ever created. Its resinous buds have been used to create some of the most well-known hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It is believed to have been propagated in Holland and sprouted in Seattle in 1985. Its pungent, sweet, and spicy aroma comes from its crystal-coated buds with its purple hues. Northern Lights gives a relaxed and mentally calming effect that beats any a lot of other euphoric experiences. 

Golden Goat

Accidentally created by cross-pollinating a male Hawaiian Romulan and a female Island Sweet Skunk, its flavor can be likened to tropical fruit. The sweet, spicy, and sour scent combined with its attractive light green and pink color produces a potent effect that you’ll experience through your entire body.

Laughing Buddha

This award-winning strain comes from the parent strains Thai and Jamaican. Its earth scent is mixed with a sweet, fruity smell that gives a euphoric effect that will have its consumers giggle in happiness. The colas are oversized and frosty, with the entire plant covered in its buds.

Hindu Kush

Originated from the place it was named after, this pure Indica strain induces a deep sense of relaxation. This strain is sought after because of its thick coat of resin and its earthy-sweet flavor. The coat was developed because of its homeland’s harsh environment which stretches over 500 miles between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Bubba Kush

This Indica strain has become famous in the United States because of its potent tranquilizing effects. With coffee and chocolate undertones, the sweet hashish flavor gives off an unparalleled relaxing effect. This USA born-bred strain comes from its OG Kush hybrid parent and an unknown Indica that pollinated in 1996 in New Orleans. Its origin was somehow enigmatic that it was simply coined “Bubba” and attached to its “Kush” heritage.

Jack Herer

Named after a famous author and a cannabis activist, Jack Herer, it was developed in the Netherlands to acquire the head buzz of Sativas with the resin production of Indicas. This strain provides a euphoric effect recognized by Dutch pharmacies to be prescribed as a medical-grade strain.  

There you have it, these varying strains offer various effects, which you should know before you try them. As you know, their uses will also have to depend on the type of relief you’re looking for and the time of day. If you’re taking medications, try to research what each strain could do when taken with your medication. There are side effects which you should be aware of and when you’re trying a new one, ease into it by taking slow short puffs at a time.