We, humans, experience anxiety throughout our lives; it is normal and healthy to a certain degree. But like us, dogs and other animals fear the unknown too. According to a study, 72.5% of all dogs no matter what their breed is (read more) experience at least one anxiety-related behavior. It also showed that the severity of it for dogs varies in their breed. For example, noise-sensitive dogs like wheaten terriers are anxious when hearing loud noises.

As dog owners, we always want the best for our adorable dogs. It is the least we can do in exchange for their unconditional love and loyalty to us. So, when it comes to dealing with dog anxiety, numerous ways are floating around the internet. One of the ways to relieve their weariness is by using a compound called CBD. Not only is it potent, but it is also healthy for your dog. So today, let’s take a look at this compound and its effects on dog anxiety!

Anxiety 101: What Is It & What Are The Causes And Their Signs?

Anxiety is the feeling of unease, discomfort, or fear of anticipating what is yet to come. It ranges from mild to severe and could lead to life-threatening disorders, if left unattended. For dogs whose anxieties are left alone, it results in behavioral changes like becoming withdrawn or hostile. It would be fairly difficult to spot their anxious behavior without prior knowledge because some signs may seem normal. 

To distinguish what is abnormal, here are some signs you need to watch out for!

  • Trembling
  • Licks themselves endlessly
  • Whimpering
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sudden withdrawn or isolated
  • Excessive panting
  • Uncontrolled urination or bowel movement; and
  • Pacing

Causes Of Their Anxiety

Dogs can get anxious for many reasons that we may or may not be aware of. It can be too obvious, and it can also be so vague that we are oblivious of what the actual triggers are! Arming ourselves with the knowledge of the signs gives us leverage to finding out these causes. Here are some types of anxieties your dogs might have been experiencing!

1. Separation Anxiety

Is your dog whimpering, barking, or running around the house whenever you leave them alone for work? At first look, it seems to be a case of separation anxiety, but let me tell you that these reactions are natural in reality. Separation anxiety has much more severe signs like urinating uncontrollably anywhere, destroying your furniture, and excessive barking!

There are numerous causes of this type; changing ownership, death of their owner, and being left alone for the first time when they always had company. One good way to see if your dog shows signs of anxiety is to see the recordings around the house. However, if their case is mild, it is better to prevent aggravating into a consequential disorder!

2. Illness-related Anxiety

As the name suggests, the cause for the anxiety is rooted in an existing illness of your pooch. Most of the illnesses that affect their brain function can potentially trigger anxiety attacks. However, some non-brain function-related illnesses could also cause it! Below are some probably diagnosis:

Non-brain function related illnesses

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss

3. Generalized Anxiety

This type is not only common to humans but also dogs. Unfortunately, the cause of this is “idiopathic” or unknown. Some contributing factors leading up to having anxiety include past experiences or from their genetic makeup. This type is difficult to spot because of how subtle it is, and we mostly shrug off some signs we thought of as normal behavior.

Now that we talked about anxiety and its types, signs, and causes let us go over one of the effective ways of relieving them. You may have guessed it by now but let me introduce you to CBD oil for dogs. They are available on shelves and in online markets like Holistapet and other pet stores! But first, a disclaimer this not a cure but an intervention to help manage cases.

All About The CBD

CBD is an acronym of a compound called Cannabidiol, derived from the cannabis plant family. Its extracts come from leaves, stems, and flowers, then processed to isolate the single compound. Unlike its sister compound, the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not put users into a euphoric state or what we know as “high” and it is very much legal to use in most States of America. It has many therapeutic effects; one of them is relieving anxieties!

How Does It Work For Dogs?

According to a research study, the effects of Cannabidiol for dogs work similarly to humans. The CBD binds with endocannabinoid receptors that are located at the peripheral and central nervous systems. It maintains their homeostasis or the state of body equilibrium by reducing stress, inflammations, pain, and relaxing the whole body and mind of our dog!

CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD takes the form of an oil. This form is incredibly versatile and can combine with almost all food or drinks; you could even drop it directly in your dog’s mouth! The flavor of the oil might be unpleasant for your dog, and that is why most owners combine them with food or drinks. Some companies sell flavored CBD oil if you choose to buy one. This miracle compound may also come in the form of CBD dog treats, which is food in itself and could not be mix with drinks.

Whether you try it or not for your furry pals is entirely up to you! However, always make sure that you stay well-informed and consult with your vet before trying out any treatment.