Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active ingredient of cannabis (the marijuana plant). Some people might mistake CBD as being derived from the marijuana plant as it is the main component that goes into the making of medical marijuana. However, CBD is derived from a very close plant to the marijuana family, the hemp plant. CBD, in itself, isn’t psychoactive. This means that it does not cause a high, and it’s not addictive, unlike THC which normally exhibits usual effects indicative of dependence potential. 

This is why the use of CBD is not as restricted as marijuana even though it is considered to be in the same class by the federal government. Here are some of the most important benefits that CBD offers.

It Reduces Anxiety

This is the main benefit that many people resort to using CBD for. The marijuana family, including the hemp plant, are well known for their anxiety-relieving benefits. Serotonin is one of the most important chemical compounds in our brains that is directly linked to our mental health and state. What CBD does is change the way our brain receptors respond to this neurotransmitter. One study done on a group of people with social anxiety found that only 600mg of CBD had the effect of relieving people’s anxiety to the extent they were able to give speeches. Another study that was done on animals has proven that CBD doesn’t only reduce stress and relieve anxiety, but it also improves symptoms of PTSD and other physiological effects caused by anxiety such as rapid heart rate.

Pain Relief

The way CBD interacts with our brain receptors is truly astonishing. Researchers found that CBD has pain-relieving properties that help many people in dealing with their chronic conditions. Undergoing chemotherapy or other cancer treatment methods can take a toll on the body; this is why many patients might need to use CBD to put this unbearable pain under control. As seen in the range of products found in the subscription box by hemper, it’s easily noticeable that there are many ways to ingest CBD. People, however, most likely prefer smoking it for quicker results, especially when they are trying to reduce pain. Other patients who suffer from MS, arthritis, muscle pain, or even spinal cord injuries found CBD to be extremely helpful in managing their pain. On top of this, CBD has other healing anti-inflammatory properties that can be extremely beneficial to managing arthritis and joint pain.

CBD for Beauty

CBD has many other health and beauty benefits that we are yet to discover. However, what many people don’t know about this magical plant is how extremely effective in turning over your skin and hair conditions. CBD can offer great help for controlling and treating acne, as well as doing some serious damage control for hair that has been ruined from bleaching, coloring, or the constant use of heat.

CBD has been trending in the health world for some time and a good reason. By looking at all the aforementioned benefits, the hype around CBD can be easily determined, whether it’s for medical reasons or if it’s just a soon-to-die buzz. CBD isn’t only beneficial for our health, it’s the perfect cure-all tool of our modern day.