Justin Trudeau Canadian Government Censorship Bill C10
Bill C-10 Canadian Government proposes spying and control of Canadian's social media

Justin Trudeau loves censorship. That’s why he wants to censor the internet with Bill C-11. Before the last election, his government introduced Bill C-10. It didn’t go so well. But what the people want has never gotten in the way of Trudeau’s version of democracy. So now we have Bill C-11. An even worse version. Called the Online Streaming Act, it gives Canada’s broadcast regulator the power to censor the internet. Everything is game. From YouTube videos to Instagram posts to this very website. We’ve already seen the abuses of power Trudeau will take against blue-collar truckers. What is the endgame here?

The CRTC Will Censor the Internet

Their answer right now is to have the CRTC censor the internet. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is up there among the most useless of government bureaucracies. They’re the reason phone plans in Canada suck. Why we pay so much for internet. They stifle competition. They make radio horrible. And now they want to ruin the internet by regulating it.

Bill C-11 gives the CRTC “discoverability” power. This allows them to force social media platforms to rank certain content over others. For example, propaganda about the government’s success in legalizing cannabis. Content critical of the legalization scheme, or of the government in general, never sees the light of day. You have to go looking for it.

Censor the Internet with Bill C-11
Expect sales for VPNs to go through the roof

Bill C-10: The Even Worse Sequel

This was the big controversy with the previous bill. Nobody wants the Canadian government to censor the internet. And so Trudeau’s government claims they “listened, especially to the concerns around social media,” and that they’ve “fixed it.” But it’s a sleight of hand. A lie based on the assumption you won’t read the actual bill.

Section 2.1 exempts user content from CRTC regulation. Just like the people demanded. But then Section 4.1(2) creates an exception to the exemption. It gives the CRTC the ability to define the thing they’re regulating.

How the CRTC Will Censor the Internet

Bill C-11 says the CRTC can censor content uploaded to social media if it calls them “programs.” To call content a program, it must generate revenue. Or if any of the content came from TV or radio. Or if its fits into some global standards category.

The CRTC has free rein on how to weigh these factors. Bill C-11 goes on to describe how not all “programs” need to generate revenue. Bill C-11 gives the CRTC the power to treat social media content as “programs.” Once defined as such, it is fair game for regulation.

That is how the Trudeau government plans to censor the internet with Bill C-11.

Truckers Protest Justin Trudeau In Ottawa
Truckers from across Canada arrive in Ottawa to peacefully assemble over COVID mandates.

Freedom of Speech Threatened

Bill C-11 is written broadly because An Act to Censor the Internet would never pass. But that’s what Bill C-11 is. Podcasts are open to regulation by the CRTC. This speaks volumes about the kind of society Trudeau has in mind.

Ask yourself, how successful would the Freedom Convoy had been if people weren’t able to freely communicate online? How successful would cannabis activism be if not for freedom of speech and communication?

Bill C-11 threatens our ability to communicate with one another. It threatens our way of life. It is yet another justification for calling Justin Trudeau a dictator.