Cooking With Cannabis 101 - Cannabis Concentrates

This week’s “Cooking With Cannabis 101″ series will teach you how to cook with cannabis concentrates including live resin, shatter, and distillate. For a guide on cannabis decarboxylation, click here. Today, you’ll learn how to make:

  • Butter with Live Resin
  • Tincture with Shatter
  • Oil with Distillate
Video and recipe courtesy of The Wellness Soldier.

Cooking with cannabis is an excellent way to consume cannabis as there is no chlorophyll, meaning no plant flavor is added to your mediums. Cooking with concentrates also makes the math easier too. If you have 600mg distillate, you know your oil will be approx. 600mg.  Same when using the shatter, if the shatter is 750mg THC all you need to do is multiply the 750mg by .88 for the decarboxylation conversion and you’re left with a tincture with approx 660mg THC.

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