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Craig Ex speaks on the Expert Joints LIVE! season finale party, his recent surgery, and what’s next

We caught up with Craig Ex, the host of Expert Joints LIVE!, as season 3 comes to a close, and we talked about his recent surgery, the big plans in store for the Season 3 finale, and what he’s cooking up for us for Season 4.

Cannabis Life Network: Season 3 of Expert Joints LIVE! is coming to an end pretty soon, isn’t it?

Yes. June 21 is the Season 3 finale we’re wrapping up a little bit early this year. We’re going to try and take a little bit of summer to enjoy as well as get ready for season 4 and continue the development of Studio 710. Click here to watch.

Do you have anything special planned for the Season 3 finale on June 21?

We’re going to do a little party up at Studio 710.

Outside on the rooftop we’ll probably do a barbecue and we’ve invited 40-50 of the previous show guests, some friends, and industry insiders, and rather than just be posted up in the couch in the studio where we usually shoot, we’re going to do a show from all over the studio from one room to the next and we’ll be interviewing people along the way.

We’re also planning on having some musical performances too. It should be fun!  

I heard you might have an audience contest in the works?

We talked about that but we didn’t really have a chance to follow up, what with me being sick and out of it for a few days. We’re going to see if we can maybe salvage that at the last minute but I’m not 100% sure if that will happen or not.

We’d like to see if we could invite a few loyal viewers but due to the medical issues I had this week I lost a little time so it might not happen.

Can you tell me a little about your surgery and how you’re healing up?

As people who have watched the show regularly know, over the last few years I’ve been battling some ear issues and it’s been rather difficult.

I’ve been pretty much chasing every possible solution and after five or six ENT’s (ear, nose and throat) specialists and a bunch of doctors, and every other procedure I could try, I had sinus surgery last Monday to clear out some impacted sinus cavities to hopefully alleviate some of the pressure in my head which will hopefully begin to improve my ears.

Honestly, the surgery kicked my ass a lot harder than I thought it was going to- I thought I’d be stuffy for a couple days and then be able to continue but it didn’t go so well.

The surgery went fine but recovery was a little harder than I thought. I ended up getting a bit of an infection and I had a fever for a few days which means I’ve had a lot of drugs! I’m just now being able to breathe through my nose and I’m starting to feel slightly human again and it definitely took a bit more time to get me back to where I probably should be.

It’s good to hear that you’re healing up and I’ve seen some of your posts on social media from right after the surgery- they looked a little bloody!

Oh yeah, it was pretty gross. There’s actually a bunch of photos that I didn’t bother to post as well but I do thank everybody for the support and kind words, and all the people that offered to try and help me recover as quickly as I could.

#SeenBetterDays . 🤕😷

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I have to thank Thompson Caribou Concentrates for the syrup 2.0, the Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary for some great CBD products, as well as other companies like MOTA Cannabis and a few others who were able to lace me up with a lot of CBD and a little THC because I haven’t been able to consume like normal and it’s helping me recover quicker.

So have all these care packages been more on the edible side versus smoking?

Yes, it’s been very difficult to smoke since the surgery and there have been days where I’ve smoked just a little bit of CBD flower to try to calm the nausea and take away some of the pain.

I think the fever is starting to break and while I’m not smoking giant fatties every few minutes- I’m starting to get there.

The thing is I have no sense of smell or taste yet so I’m missing out on a lot of terp profiles so hopefully, that comes back pretty soon.

Any big plans for Season 4 of Expert Joints LIVE?

We’re going to continue evolving the show. A few new segments will come in, and a few old ones will go out. We’re planning on some really cool guests I’ve been waiting to get on in a while and we’re looking at new graphics and features, and I’ve got a couple of locations I want to check out.

I’m also looking to incorporate more live music and we’ll also be looking at new furniture and decorations at 710 and we’ll continue to evolve and grow like we always do.

Who do you hope to bring on the show for Season 4?

Well, one of the people I can announce is Ed Rosenthal– the man, the myth, and legend. He’s a big name and well-known personality in the community.

We’ve got a couple of rather large musical guests I’m hoping to be able to confirm soon for Season 4 as well.

Didn’t you have the rap group Rae Sremmurd on a little while ago?

Yeah, I’m hoping to have them back in September when they come back through Vancouver but we’ll see how that goes.

When is Season 4 kicking off?

It will be in August. The date is TBD.

What will you be up to in the time between Season 3 ending and the Season 4 kickoff?

Mostly working on all the prep for Season 4- we’ve got some videos to shoot and segments to create and we’ve also got some renovations to Studio 710 to continue with.

We never stop and there’s never a lack of things to do.

Anything thing else you’d like to say reflecting back on Season 3 of Expert Joints LIVE?

Season 3 was a great time and I really enjoyed it. It was wonderful having my own studio and to see the evolution from starting at my house to going to Pot TV, to Studio 710 now- it’s been pretty amazing.

Also, obviously getting Andrew taking over running the gear so I don’t have to press all the buttons anymore like I did for the first few seasons made for a real big change.

It’s been great to see all the help that’s come along and I have to thank Cannabis Life Network for their production assistants and the whole team there.

And it’s been great to see the production values always getting better and better.

It is and looking back at the first episodes of season 3 to the last episodes, the picture and audio have improved and it will continue to Season 4.

I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Me too. I’m also looking forward to breathing a little better.