Dabbing has taken the herb community by storm in recent years. Long gone are the days of harsh-hitting pipes and foul-tasting edibles. Ask any experienced stoner, and they’ll tell you that potent dabs are the only way to appreciate the herbal essence of flower fully. If you are one of those rare individuals unfamiliar with dabbing, you may be asking yourself, just what is a dab? 

Dabs are wax concentrates that contain large amounts of cannabinoids extracted from flower’s chemical compounds. Tiny beads of wax are heated to extreme temperatures using a dab rig. The resulting vapor is then inhaled, delivering a delicious and potent hit. 

Stepping into the hazy world of dabbing is a worthy adventure for herb enthusiasts, but even potent dabs lose their edge after years of consistent use. Veteran dabbers inevitably hit a green ceiling of sorts, and they may find their high is not as enjoyable as it once was. Building a tolerance is natural and unavoidable for experienced stoners. Not to worry, there are several measures smokers can take to elevate their dabbing experience and fall in love with bud all over again. 

Ready to take dabbing to new highs? Here are six tips for elevating your smoke session with a dab rig, like those from https://mjarsenal.com/.  

Start wearing gloves 

If you handle wax with bare hands, you transfer bacteria and other debris onto the precious concentrate. Contaminated dabs may not seem like a significant contributor to a feeble high, but even minuscule dust particles dilute the integrity of your concentrate. Make a habit of slipping on a pair of gloves before you bust out the rig. Both your wax and your fingers will thank you. 

Clean your dab rig

Although dab rigs tend to stay cleaner than your average water pipe, they still require consistent cleansing. Thoroughly washing your rig ensures cleaner hits and more robust flavor, as well as maintaining a sleek appearance. While cleaning an intricate glass rig may sound arduous and complicated, in reality, the process is relatively simple and takes only a few minutes. Combine strong isopropyl alcohol with coarse sea salt and let sit in the rig for up to 30 minutes. Shake every few minutes and rinse with warm water. The more often you clean your rig, the easier it will be to get rid of wax buildup. 

Opt for a quartz nail 

If you’ve been using glass nails with your rigs, try switching it out for a quartz-based nail instead. The durable material can be heated to higher temperatures, delivering a more potent hit. Quartz nails are also much more durable than their glass counterparts, meaning you won’t have to worry about an accidental drop or two. 

Let it cool

You may have experienced a dab that left you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth and maybe even chest pain. The nasty hit is the byproduct of extremely high and dangerous temperatures. Typically, a dab nail should allow to cool down after heated by a flame. If you gloss over this step, the white-hot nail burns the wax, resulting in an unpleasant hit. Not only does a hot nail hurt your precious lungs, but it also depletes tasty terpenes that dab is known for. 

Start using a carb cap 

Experienced dabbers use what is called a carburetor cab. The rig accessory blocks airflow to the heated nail, preventing any vaporized concentrate from escaping. Capping the nail also allows you to inhale more wax with every hit, increasing the flavor and potency of the dab. 

Upgrade your rig 

The standard dab rig may get the job done, but it does little to enhance the intricacies of wax. Specialized glass rigs include add-ons like percolators that cool vapor in a sub-chamber. The heated wax cools off either with water or ice before reaching your lips, ensuring a smoother hit. 

Happy dabbing

Dabs are the ultimate avenue for enjoying herb. But once you’ve made the switch to wax, there will come a time when your hit isn’t quite as potent as it once was. Luckily, with these tips and tricks, your dabbing experience will reach new highs once again.