Anthony Coletti used to be one of the biggest growers of medical cannabis in Toronto until someone tried to kill him.

He got into growing in 2011, and over 3 years, he became very successful, and during those years, he eventually got involved in the underworld- he was living the high life with all of the money and other excesses that usually go with it.

But that success can also put a target on your back, and on Mar. 23, 2014, someone hired a hitman to assassinate Anthony Coletti. He was shot 7 times, including a dodged headshot that grazed the back of his head- if he was hit a quarter inch higher, he would have been dead.

Anthony survived, but the doctors told him that he’d never use his left hand again- it was paralyzed after one of the bullets went through his biceps- but that lit a fire in him to prove them all wrong.

He got out of the cannabis industry and pursued his recovery wholeheartedly, looking into alternative wellness when his doctors were less than optimistic at his chances, which included hot and cold therapy and ice baths, to try to get his hand back.

Check out the video where Anthony Coletti tells the story of the fateful night he was shot, retraces his bullet wounds, and most importantly, tells us his inspiring story of recovery and regrowth.


Featured image courtesy of True Calling.