Could the leafy green plant called cannabis become more valuable than gold? Depending on what form it's in, it already is. Let's take a look at cannabis prices in the USA.

Green Gold: Cannabis prices in the USA

Could green be the new color of gold? More precisely, could the leafy green plant called cannabis become more valuable than gold?

You can build computers with gold. You can make jewelry with gold. One thing gold doesn’t do very well is providing any form of relief from medical conditions. Cannabis, on the other hand, is proving to be worth its weight in gold when it comes to treating medical conditions such as cancer, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, inflammation, stress, depression, anxiety, and more.

With cannabis gaining more acceptance people are learning more about what it can do and the many different methods for consuming it. When you buy cannabis flowers by the gram, they’re still not as expensive as gold. Switch over to purchasing cannabis tinctures or extracts, and suddenly it becomes costlier than gold. A gram of cannabis extracts can cost anywhere between $20 to $80 on the legal market. After you factor in the hideous tax rate that cannabis sales have you can throw in another $5 to $20 in tax.

The Price of Green Gold

As of February 6th, 2019, the price for one gram of gold was right around $42. Currently, a gram of cannabis in the United States runs much lower than that. According to the 2018 Cannabis Price index listed on, the price of a gram of cannabis averaged between $5 to $18 per gram depending on what state you’re shopping in.

If you leave the country, those prices can nearly double depending on where you go. Should you end up in South Korea, Japan, or China looking for weed (where it is still highly illegal, I might add), you can expect to pay around $30 a gram. At this price, a gram of weed is nearly as expensive as a gram of gold. Oregon has some of the cheapest weed in the nation followed by Colorado and Washington.

Some of the most expensive weed in the United States can be found in the nation’s capital, Washington DC. We know that people charge more for weed in DC, because, well, all those prick politicians have too much money. Meanwhile, if you’re one of those deal hunters looking to get the best deal possible on your weed you might want to try shopping around for it in Ecuador where you can pay an average price of about $1.34 per gram.

From Prohibition to $50 Ounces

You could just save yourself a trip to a third world country and head over to Oregon where the price averages out about the same with ounces starting for around $50, sometimes a little less. Cannabis has always been an in-demand plant. The United States government knew this and saw the opportunity to incarcerate and enslave the people of their country in 1937 when political leaders of the time acted on this by criminalizing cannabis.

Since then all of those who followed in their footsteps have seemed to support and even progress these draconian laws pertaining to cannabis. It’s only been recently that American politicians have decided to flip the script from focusing on tobacco, alcohol, insurance, and pharmaceuticals to entertaining the notion of legalizing cannabis.

Judging by the overly excessive amount of tax lawmakers place on cannabis businesses and the price that is created for the legal market by regulatory committees, green, just may be the new color of gold.


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