Grizzlers brings “Buck A Joint” to Alberta

I once came across a review of Night Train that led with “I can’t believe it’s not paint thinner.” Anyone who remembers the 2018 defacto Canadian Heritage Moment “buck a beer” probably also remembers how it tastes pretty much like drinking 100 pennies. This summer, Grizzlers are bringing “Buck A Joint” to Alberta.

A notorious legacy brand, Grizzlers were the first to bring pre-packaged and rolled six-packs to Canada. When legalization hit in the fall of 2018, they went into hibernation. If you remember a thing or two about Grizzlers, then you know they’re all about making good bud accessible. It couldn’t be more fitting that “The People’s Weed” is back in the wild with buck a joint

Grizzlers buck a joint
Photo by Elsa Olofsson courtesy of Unsplash

The People’s Joint

This summer, the S^MPLE by AHLOT program will grace Alberta with $1 pre-rolls. The buck a joint will feature a single 0.5 gram of Grizzlers legendary indica and is available for a limited time at select retailers in the province. 

“We’re excited to offer customers something they’ve been waiting for — A legacy market product at a legacy market price,” said CRFT CEO Matthew Watters in a press release. “Our commitment to craft, focus on the flower, accessible pricing, and of course our legacy market clout set Grizzlers apart from the rest.”

Unlike the original buck a beer (well, just over a buck now) these joints go down smooth. All Grizzlers products meet provincial craft designations. These buck a joint pre-rolls are filled with craft-grade flowers from small-batch cultivators. At $1, it’s no sweat to test out the goods before jumping on the new 7 x 0.5 g packs. Don’t wait though, it won’t last long.

Are you planning on sparking some premium budget pre-rolls this summer? Let us know in the comments. You can follow Grizzlers on Twitter for the latest updates.