Cannabis is notorious for helping spark the imagination and getting those creative juices flowing, making cannabis more than just a plant for medical benefits and recreational consumption.

How Cannabis Inspires and Ignites Creative Fires in music and beyond

Cannabis is a lot of things to a lot of people and different for everybody. This amazing plant helps relieve pain, depression, anxiety and a plethora of other symptoms and conditions. It’s also notorious for helping spark the imagination and getting those creative juices flowing, making cannabis more than just a plant for medical benefits and recreational consumption.

Cannabis is a widely misunderstood plant that oftentimes serves as a catalyst that inspires, encourages, and helps individuals to pursue and achieve their goals.

Life is hard, we all know that. Cannabis doesn’t make life easier; it just makes it easier to deal with. After working a long shift at your job, studying hard for a big exam, or just to help your day along or come to an end, many people are turning to the therapeutic attributes of Mary Jane. Cannabis helps inspire the mind, and for this reason, it’s often a favorite amongst artist of all sorts.

The Doors, Jimmie Hendrix, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, and many others enjoyed left-hand cigarettes. One genre of artist that has seen an exponential influence from cannabis is the Hip-Hop community. Rap artists such as Tupac Shakur, The Notorious BIG, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Dogg along with many others have embraced cannabis in their music and their personal life’s.

Cannabis has helped to ease the pain of the spotlight and inspire the minds in the limelight for decades. Artist often express their love for their special lady, Mary Jane. Cannabis was encouragement and inspiration in a sea of cocaine, pills, heroin, and alcohol. It’s stuck with many artists through their careers and even helped excelled some of those careers beyond expectations.

Up-and-coming artists frequently experience struggle, turmoil, disappointment, excitement, and exuberant amounts of stress and anxiety. Alcohol and prescription pills used to be the norm for these artists to turn to, to help manage their lives.

We all remember the days of music legends trashing hotel rooms and destroying tour buses. Today’s artists, for the most part, have opted towards a more passive and peaceful release from these pressures. That release is often found with cannabis. Cannabis doesn’t make the artist, but it does help the artist make, make works of art be they visual or vocal.

An up-and-coming artist by the name of Ryan L Ryuu knows all about this.

Ryan is a struggling singer, songwriter, model, and actor who lives in Chicago looking to get a come-up in the industry. Ryan reached out to me inquiring information about increasing his social media presence and awareness of his artistic abilities. After speaking with Ryan on the phone, we both discovered we had a mutual love for weed. I believe his words to me were “I smoke the shit out of it.” Something about cannabis helps build connections and bring people together as I to “smoke the shit out of it.”

Ryan’s love of Mary Jane comes from something all of us experience, this thing called life. Ryan is an openly gay hip-hop artist in Chicago with a unique style. The ridicule and obstacles he faces at times can seem insurmountable. When an artist has an original approach to something or an approach that is out of the norm, it usually goes one of two ways. Good or not so good. You have to take the bumps in the road if you want to get where you’re going, at least until you make it there.  Ryan has a sound that is smooth and a natural photogenic ability to talk to the camera on film.

Ryan will be doing a more in-depth interview with me down the road when our schedules can line up. Until then, check him out on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. Let Ryan know you support him and his artistic abilities. Stay tuned for an interview with Ryan L Ryuu in the months to come. Tell us how cannabis helps you. Weed love to hear about how cannabis inspires your creative fires!


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