California residents have been enjoying weed delivery services for years. Unfortunately, life isn’t quite as sweet for the rest of the country. Cannabis is not yet federally legal, and federally legal cannabis delivery is still a distant dream for most stoners. California offers a glimpse of what other states can expect in the future. Here you will learn precisely how weed delivery works in California and what it took the state to get to where it is today. 

Cannabis Delivery Services

Cannabis delivery works in much the same way as traditional food delivery services. Customers place an order online via an app or a website. Then, a courier acquires the order and delivers it to the customer. A straightforward service creating heightened accessibility for individuals without access to transportation or nearby dispensaries, cannabis delivery is much more than a luxury or convenience. For many individuals, cannabis delivery is their only chance to acquire weed, making it a vital service for many individuals living with chronic health conditions. 

Cannabis delivery services became legal in California in 2019 following an amendment to Proposition 64. Ultimately, allowing delivery services to operate even in those regions where municipal governments have attempted to ban canna-business. Despite being legal statewide, there has been some minor pushback from certain local communities trying to prevent the growth of the cannabis industry. While officials in these areas claim not to allow cannabis delivery, Prop 64 has insisted otherwise. Nevertheless, it is legal for drivers to deliver to customers in all California regions, and county officials cannot enforce these local restrictions.

How Is Weed Delivery Working Out in California?

Since its beginnings a few short years ago, weed delivery has been embraced mainly by Californians. Seen as a convenient and necessary service, cannabis consumers have witnessed cannabis delivery grow exponentially since 2019. In particular, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for delivery services, with people everywhere staying home and social distancing. Weed delivery has made it possible for many people to continue using the products they rely upon without risking their safety or anyone else’s by going to the dispensary

The Golden State Grind

Expected to continue growing in popularity even as the world begins to reopen tentatively, cannabis delivery is a trend here to stay. The ability to buy weed online in California enables Californians to consume cannabis conveniently. The grind of life in California can be tedious, with high rent and constant competition keeping jobs semi-scarce. As a result, many Californians are self-described workaholics. Californians love the comfort of being able to kick back and have weed delivered right to their door.

Delivery vs. Retail

With legal dispensaries throughout the state, why would someone choose cannabis delivery over visiting a retail store in person? Here are some of the pros and cons of each of these cannabis-buying options: 

DeliveryNo traffic
No gas money
Same-day delivery
Daily online deals
One-on-one service
Lots of product information
Can’t physically examine items before buying
RetailInteract with budtenders
See products in-person before buying
Few deals
Long wait times and lines
High prices

Final Thoughts

Cannabis delivery might be a far-off dream for some. Still, if you live in California, you can already begin enjoying the luxury of having weed brought to your front door! No matter where you live in California, you can place an online order for cannabis delivery. Within just a few hours, a courier and your premium products will arrive at your door. Fast, reliable, and often less expensive than buying from the dispensary, cannabis delivery will be the next big thing in the world of weed for quite some time.