One hitter is a small, slender pipe with a narrow bowl made for a single hit or inhalation of a smokable drug, usually cannabis or weed. They are used by filling the narrow bowl with your weed tightly packed, then lighting it up and taking a puff.

Apparently, it is very convenient and easy to use, but also comes with certain disadvantages, like getting clogged easily, hard to clean, as well as keeps resin, which leads to harboring bacteria that affects your lungs when you smoke.

But, this handy tool didn’t just become sophisticated all of a sudden—it has evolved from a simple crude instrument. Below is a discussion of how one hitter has changed over the years. Read on!

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One Hitters: From Traditional To Modern 

As the cannabis industries are growing, so are the devices used in smoking it are improving with time. The one hitters, too, are not left out. They have advanced from the traditionally known ones, like ‘Kiseru’ pipe, a Japanese pipe made of metal and bamboo, and ‘Midwakh,’ a Middle Eastern pipe used traditionally to smoke tobacco mixed with herbs.

Midwakh is mainly produced in the United Arab Emirates and can be made with different materials, like wood, bone, or metal. There is also ‘sebsi,’ a Moroccan pipe with a narrow clay bowl traditionally used to smoke cannabis pollen, kief. 

‘Chillum,’ another type of pipe, is made with clay and was smoked mostly by Hindu monks in India before spreading to other parts of the world. For instance, the Chillum pipes made from wood were popular in the 1980s till the 90s, when it gave way to new inventions, like vaporizers, which gave rise to vaping and dab rigs. 

However, with recent technology, Chillums are now back as Chillum hitters, and they have successfully evolved from clay or wood to glass materials. Today, there are now advanced one hitters available in the market. Modern adaptations of one hitters have included more features and sleeker designs through the help of technology. 

Here are some of the most advanced one hitters available today:

Dart One Hitter

This one hitter changes everything terrible about traditional one hitters with new and improved design capabilities, like a self-ashing system that outshines traditional one hitters. 

It wields anodized aircraft aluminum for high-impact and high heat resistance, so it doesn’t get too hot to hold. It’s cheaper and more durable, which makes it last longer than other one hitters.

Unlike some one hitters whose parts can’t be disassembled for a thorough cleaning, the DART one hitter is built to be taken apart and assembled back, which helps prevent bacterial growth. Also, it has a sure way of preventing resin from building up inside your one hitter. 

Glass Chillum

This one hitter is made of glass that doesn’t compromise the cannabis smoke flavor, unlike materials like metal. Its smoke is typically cooler when inhaled.

Happy Hippie

This smoking device has a happy puppet face appearance, as the name implies. It is made with high-quality borosilicate glass, with color-changing effects because precious metals were held in the flame while the pipes are being crafted.

Small Plain Stone Chillum

This modern Chillum hitter is made of stone, making it more reliable and durable than your glass one hitter. Users find it more enjoyable than other one hitters because the stone body cools down the smoke before entering the lungs. 

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Mini Hurricane Pipe

The mini hurricane pipe one hitter is for people who like using hand pipes, but in an easier way. It has a tiny bowl on top of the stem, but not at the top of the pipe. It also has a loop, which makes it attachable to your keyholder, or you can wear it around your neck without others knowing it’s actually a one hitter. Also, it’s made of pyrex glass and doesn’t break easily, which makes it durable.


This one hitter is made of metal, which sometimes compromises the weed’s flavor. It has detachable parts for easy cleaning, with nine holes for extra airflow. It is easy to light only a part of your weed instead of the whole weed with its unique nine-hole flame. You can also light up your whole weed at once by lighting up all the nine holes, but it can be hard to light up when the holes start clogging.

The Digger One Hitter

This is one of the best one hitters. Its unique metal tip makes it easier to smoke weed. However, its sharp edge is dangerous and hard to clean. It involves using a handy tool to get resin and ash from previous smoking sessions.


The one hitter has undoubtedly evolved in the most amazing ways. Today’s they provide the best way to enjoy easy smoking discreetly. However, it is advisable to inhale slowly and steadily to get the best experience and avoid pulling in ash while at it by using the right amount of weed.