The world of today is all about optimization. Do you want to optimize the way we sleep? Do you want to optimize the way we study? And we also want to optimize the way we smoke. A lot of times, flour can be offensive. We open the bag, everyone can smell it, our neighbours are complaining, and the process of smoking renders the entire room unusable for somebody that is not great with smoke. As much as it’s normalized here in Australia, it’s still not the best move. 

Right now, the best way to take an herb is through a vape. Vapes are the most efficient way to consume any herb. It’s portable, it’s not offensive to anyone, and if you time it right, you can have a wonderful day with the whole bowl of whatever it is you want to vaporize. So if you’re in the market for a new Vape, here’s a quick and dirty guide just for you.

Dry Herb

One of the first kinds of vapes to hit the Australian market was the dry herb Vape. We still have those in massive popularity all over the world. Have you ever heard of a volcano? That’s an example of a dry herb vape. Dry herb vape technology has massively improved since the first incarnations of the device. Now the best dry herb vape Australia has to offer is light-years beyond what was previously available just a few summers ago. The way you use it is pretty simple. 

There is a chamber where you can pack your dry herb or tobacco, you close the chamber, you press a button, and the chamber heats up. The papers that come out of the device I meant to be inhaled. It’s a simple enough concept that makes for an incredibly accessible and wildly popular means of vaping.

Special Features and Settings 

The features that distinguish dry herb vapes are in the amount of control that you have over the end product. This is invariably tied to temperature, chamber size, and the time it takes to be ready. If you cannot change the temperature setting, you’re not going to be able to explore the different properties of the herb that you’re heating. You’re just always going to be at that temperature. 

When you’re heating an herb, you’re essentially cooking it. Just like cooking, you can either go fast and hard or let it simmer a little bit. It all depends on the flavor profile that you want to elicit. The same goes for herb. If you only have one setting for everything, you only get one cooking experience.


Another way to vape is to go with individually packaged cartridges. This has become popular among younger groups, especially those in downtown party scenes. They are, by far, the most portable. This is especially true of the pen-type vaporizers. You can keep it in your pocket, and you barely feel it. The only problem with this pen-type vaporizer is its static nature. 

Although it is true that not very many people are going to notice you hitting a small pen vape, it is still illegal to use outside of the Australian capital territory if there’s cannabis oil in it. So even though nobody is going to bother you, they technically can if they wanted to. It’s not like a dry herb Vape where essential you clean it out, and it’s just a healing component. A pen Vape has The fluid in it. The two go hand in hand.

Pod Vapes

For purely nicotine Vapes, the new trend has been in interchangeable parts. Pods, to be exact. This kind of modular form of vaping was made popular by Juul. Since then, a plethora of companies has come out with their versions of the pod-based vaping device. Although they are all technically different, they are all variations on a theme. Aesthetically, they have a similar layout, and they are all extremely portable. 

The only thing about these kinds of apes is that you have to either buy the pods in bulk, or you have to hope that your local corner store or Vape shop carries this particular kind. So it puts you in a position to get the most popular version just for the sake of convenience.

No matter what style of vaporizing you choose, it’s still infinitely better than smoking the organic plant. You do eliminate The carcinogenic factor of inhaling burnt material. On top of that, you’re not going to bother anybody around you with strong smells. All you have to do is not be a “cloud chaser,” and you can enjoy a personal Vape with whatever it is you want inside it.