Rolling a joint can be an impressive art form. If done correctly, with a good cardboard weed filter, it can turn an ordinary experience into something more elevated and more enjoyable as the whole joint becomes better. 

For health reasons, it’s important to use a filter at all times. There are more reasons, however, to incorporate a filter in your joint. For instance, a filter may help increase airflow for your joint to burn more effectively, they correct any bad rolling techniques, and they can maximize your smoking ability. A filter also eliminates the problem of a roach clip. 

Using a filter or a tip has its many advantages, but how do you construct such a filter for your joint? Origami is a skill not known by many, but it does help in this situation. For beginners, it’s simpler to roll the tiny cardboard filter into a compacted cylinder. 

What is a Weed Filter?

A weed filter is simply a piece of cardstock that’s folded in the shape of the letter W and then wrapped in a circle. It’s then inserted into a glass tip filter into your joint or blunt. Your airflow is thereby increased because the cardstock allows a clean passageway for the smoke to circulate and travel through the joint paper. It keeps the joint from collapsing or disintegrating when placed in your mouth. 

So, what are the advantages of using a filter? There are many websites, such as Mooselabs Weed Filter, that talks about the importance of using a weed filter. If you want to know its primary advantage and how to effectively use one, continue reading below. 

Advantage: For Your Health and Enjoyment

Did you know that the giant smoke cloud that comes after a hit of weed is filled with carcinogens and harmful toxins? These can be damaging to your lungs, just like tar. Tar is a byproduct of any kind of plant matter, not just tobacco. So, with each hit that you take without a filter, you’ll allow that nasty chemical to enter into your lungs and mouth. Fortunately, the filters catch those particles from entering your body, while still allowing the CBD or THC to fill your lungs. 

Using a filter helps tremendously with taste, too. Because the toxins are filtered, the taste of cannabis is left pure and unadulterated. This has been known to leave the smoker to feel more energized and have a better high. 

Making Use of a Weed Filter

So, if a filter is so important to your smoking experience, you should know how to effectively use one. To help you out, here are the steps to take when using a filter: 

  • Step 1

First, begin with a joint filter tip. These can be bought at a distillery or online. If this presents a problem for you, you can make your own. 

Start with the end strip of a business card. Make it two inches long and one inch wide. It’s the width of the strip that’ll determine how long your filter will be, and the length will be the girth. Depending on how long you want your filter to be or how big you want your joint, cut your card accordingly. 

  • Step 2

With your filter tip, fold approximately 2mm of the end so it makes a little rectangular shape. Fold the tip again, only in the opposite way. 

Keeping the folds in place, fold it once again, going back and forth so it creates a kind of fan or “W” shape. If you check out the filter from the side, you should be able to see that “W” shape or angles, one side being super long because the other end has not been folded. 

  • Step 3. 

Keep the “W” shape as close as possible. Then, start wrapping the excess, unfolded part of the filter paper around the “W” part so that eventually your filter has a “W” shape with a circle wrapped around it. This can be as tight or loose as you prefer, depending on how big you want your filter to be. 

The “W” shape will stand out, even more, when the filter is very loose. Since this is a larger filter, you can use it with a larger joint, too. 

  • Step 4

Now you can roll that filter between your finger and your thumb until it stays all rolled up by itself. It shouldn’t uncoil when left on its own. If so, your filter is now ready to be used.


Whether it’s for recreational uses or medicinal, whether it’s for a joint or a bong, marijuana smoke that’s inhaled through a filter is much more advantageous. Keep those carcinogens and toxins out of your body by using a weed filter. The next time you decide to smoke a joint, remember all the benefits that a true weed filter can give you.