Are you tired of smoking a joint and worried that there are a few health risks that may come along with it? Have you ever thought about vaping weed but aren’t too sure about the best way to get the most out of it? 

Vaping weed it the newest and quickest way to get high these days. With so many different devices on the market, it can be hard to choose which one will be best for you. Whether you are looking for a discreet vape pen or an ultra-portable vaporizer that will fit in your pocket, there is something for everyone. And if you even look for the accessories that come with every device, you will be amazed on how your experience can become even better. Additionally, if you are able to have every part replaced at any time that you need it, you won’t have to worry about anything but consuming your weed. There are companies dedicated to provide their customers products for the consumption of users of vapers, water pipes, tobacco pipes and one of them is a website like Demand Distribution here whose main moto is to provide the smoking community with the best quality products in the market. The vaping accessories are most interesting and convenient ones. Vaping weed can be confusing at first but there are ways that you can get the most out of your experience. Dry herb vaporizers are still new and, and you might not know exactly how to use them or what you should avoid doing when using them. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of vaping weed. 

Grind fresh weed

Going along with the basics of smoking weed, you busily want to have it gound up to expose the maximum surface area to the heat in order to extract the compounds. While you may already have some herb pre ground from a different session that’s been sitting out and getting dryer and dryer. Its best to grind fresh herb from your dry herb vaporise. This doesn’t mean get something fresh off the plant, but rather use something that is higher in quality and not old and stale. 

The process of vaping weed requires the heat to extract any moisture including the cannabidoil compounds out of the herb in order to inhale a vapour and not smoke. You weed should not be wet or moist, but it should also not be completely bone dry. 

Choose the best temperature settings

Temperature is one of the most important aspects of vaping marijuana. Essentially the whole process of the vapour extraction from the herb relies on heat at specific temperatures. Different temperatures will allow for different cannabinoids to evaporate but also affects the strength of the high. Essentially, the higher the temperature the more affects you will experience, but this doesn’t mean you should push it to extremes as there is a cut off that you are recommended not go above. 

Generally, the rule of thumb say that you should keep your temperature set between 190 to 210 degrees Celsius, or 356 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is up to you where, within this limit, you would like to set you temperature and decide what is ideal for you. 

Keep the device clean

Cleaning you dry herb vaporiser regularly is so important and key to getting the most out of your marijuana vaping experience. It is recommended to clean your vape after every single session to ensure you get the most out of the next session. If you do not clean you vape you will end up with a lot of build-up that will eventually dry out over time making it more and more difficult to clean.

When it comes to vaping from a dry herb vaporiser, the herb needs to have direct contact with the heated plates in the chamber and if there is an obstruction in the way you weed will not fully vaporise and you will be disappointed. 

To clean your vaporiser you just need to use a small brush to brush out any residue left after each session and then every 8 to 15 sessions do a deep clean and clean the chamber with alcohol. 

Know when the weed is finished

Lastly, when you are getting to the end of you session, don’t try to continue vaping just because there is a tiny little bit of flavour left. If you know your weed is finished you should stop. There are so many different tell-tale signs to know when your weed is finished, starting off with the colour. When your weed is close to the end it will change colour, this will also mean that it loses potency and also affects the experience you will have. It will also have an effect on the flavour making it not so great anymore.