As festivals get cancelled left and right we wanted to test the knowledge of Montreal’s Metro Metro fans and see how well they know their superstar headliner Travis Scott. Are they die-hard fans since the early days or did they recently discover Young La Flame?

What was Travis Scotts first project ?

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Scott's first solo full-length project is a mixtape titled Owl Pharaoh, which was set to be released as a free download in 2012. However, the project was delayed, and was announced to be slated for a later release.

Who is Travis Scotts Idol ?

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During an interview with MTV News, Travi$ Scott revealed that he absolutely could not release his debut album Rodeo, without a feature from Cudder. "He came and surprised me at the studio one day when I was working with A-Trak and took me on this drive in his car, played me new music," he explained. "It was one of those moments -- I was like crying in the backseat. He took me around Melrose. It was one of the craziest sh-ts ever."

Which Hip Hop superstar narrates Travis Scott's album Rodeo ?

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Narrated by T.I., it tells a nebulous tale of Scott’s meteoric rise and the perils of fame.

What is Travis Scott's favorite instrument

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“When I was three years old my dad bought me my first drum set. I was playing drums extra hard, like I wasn’t going to fail with that shit. I was a drum master. I used to think engineering was producing. Growing up I played the drums and then I played piano. I quit playing piano because it wasn’t getting no bitches.” Travis Scott told Complex

What is Travis Scott's favorite song on ASTROWORLD ?

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He's stated multiple times at his performances that his mother and he love Skeletons Ft. The Weeknd

How Well Do Montreal's Metro Metro Festival fans know Travis Scott?

You aren't a die-hard fan but you're the closest thing to it

You probably discovered Travis through Astroworld or Kylie Jenner but everyone starts somewhere.

A true fan, you appreciate Travis and you appreciate him for more than an artist.

How’d you do? Comment down below and make sure to send it to your friends to see if they are true Travis Scott fans.