In this video, Cannabis in Canada Founding Director Jason Wilcox makes an inspired and ambitious plea to the 22 licensed cannabis producers currently extended the privilege of cultivating and curating our medicine. Wilcox calls out the LPs, and asks that they contribute to paying down the debt incurred in fighting to end the prohibition of cannabis.

While Wilcox admits that allowing patients to grow their own medicine could be counter to the LPs business model. But in legalizing extracts and edibles the LPs and their subsidiary industries could expand their revenue steams exponentially. Health Canada claims there are one million patients who could benefit from cannabis.

One could further the inspired argument in contending that while we may legally grow our own fruits and vegetables, the produce industry still flourishes. In not supporting the battle to end this prohibition, LPs are denying themselves prosperity and contributing to denying patients their medicine.

Anecdotally, scientifically, morally, and financially it makes sense for LPs to help preserve the market they’ve entered. Without a safe, affordable, and healthy way for those in need to consume their medicine, there is no marketplace for these LPs. It’s time they joined this fight instead of standing on the periphery waiting like vultures to benefit from our, from your, commitment to this cause.

Onward we grow!

For more information visit the Cannabis Rights Coalition.