Electrician Chris Stewart lives in Edmonton Alberta where, as a medical cannabis user, he doesn’t have the option to visit a dispensary to access different cannabis strains and needs to rely on the government’s licensed producer system.

Stewart recently found that not all producers are interested in offering information on their product after questions on product received from Aurora left him, and several others, blocked by the licensed producer on Twitter.

“I didn’t really have too much of an issue up until a couple of days ago I realized that Aurora blocked me on Twitter for apparently no reason whatsoever,” Stewart said. “I was just following up on another customer of theirs who was sent about 40 grams that was full of seeds and I was just following up to see what Aurora was going to do about it to make it right. Apparently that was giving them the right to block me on twitter.”

Stewart said the initial tweet from user Jon Renaud, saw him and others blocked with the LP not responding after blocking them all until the others began tweeting the company online.

“We have been working to resolve this complaint since it was brought to our attention,” Aurora staff posted. “We have been doing everything we can to assist you Jon. There is a process.”

Stewart said he’s been a medical cannabis user since April, first using product from Tilray which he said was of fine quality, but too expensive.

“I came across Aurora and what caught my eye was the really low pricing of the strains, but, sometimes you get what you pay for,” he said. “You’ve got to smoke so much of it to even get anything out of it. I’ve gotten product which claims 27 per cent THC but, to be honest it’s got to be way lower than that — it’s really black ash and [causes] coughing.

In the second episode of the Cannabis Life Network Smoke Show, accredited lab results found Aurora product at significantly lower levels of THC and CBD than advertised.

“For them to be opening up another huge expansion and for people to think this is quality, it’s not right.”

Stewart says he’s interested in looking into home growing under Health Canada’s new ACMPR system and, while he’s done using Aurora as a customer, hopes the operation makes some changes.

“[They can] respond to their customers’ complaints in a cooperative manner and just treat their customers with some respect,” he said. “After this I’m done with them forever.”

  • Robert Wright

    Seems like the only way to get good quality is grow your own it’s not difficult and at least you will know it hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals or gamma irradiated. The liberals are trying to create a monopoly for the Lps and squeeze everyone else out. Remember we have to protect the children.Lmao your children are probably growing it and selling to other kids it’s a plant even a kid can grow kids are not dumb.

    • big t small

      No doubt, I smh every time I hear about the children, the children. Throwing adults in jail for using or possessing cannabis to keep the children safe has never really made much sense to me. The children have more weed than the adults and always have. If they want to do something with adults to make children safer arrest the adults who feed their kids Happy Meals and let them sit online for 18 hours a day with no exercise.

      • Robert Wright

        I totally agree when I was teen adults came to me for Cannabis.

  • quel-y

    Exposing lackluster quality like this through the media is exactly what’s needed to straighten out certain companies… but they’re sure learning the hard way on what not to do. In this case Aurora not only lost a customer, they got some bad publicity too. The right thing to do would have been to replace Jon’s order with proper cannabis that doesn’t have seeds, keep him as a customer, and call it a day.

    I’ve ordered from Aurora too, a very unique strain with supposedly 14.5% CBD and only 0.8% THC -0 which they advertise as the highest CBD:THC ratio in Canada. It was reasonably good quality but the reported potency is suspect until it’s validated by a third party lab. Some LPs are artificially inflating their potency results either through ignorance or incompetance, which is pretty sad. I’ll reserve judgement on their results until I test them myself using proper HPLC analysis.