New Music Friday: Jason Derulo, Kota the Friend, Wale, and chillpill

New Music Friday: Jason Derulo, Kota the Friend, Wale, and chillpill

With the 3rd week of 2021 under our belt, things are starting to look up. And making it to the end of the week means new music to start your weekend. This week we feature music from Jason Derulo, Kota the Friend, Wale and, chillpill.

Lifestyle (feat. Adam Levine) – Jason Derulo, Maroon 5

Jason Derulo shoots for the stars trying to make the next pop banger of the decade. Pairing with Maroon 5 and Adam Levine, the squad comes together to create an extremely catchy radio banger. The video features all golden women dancing provocatively to catch the attention of the viewer. It seems Derulo pieced together all the necessary elements to make a viral hit. The next step is to see if it all comes together in the public eye. This music track should be worth watching and listening.

Pomegranate – Kota the Friend

Known for his laid back licks and chill lofi beats, Kota the Friend is back with his second volume of ‘Lyrics to Go.’ This music track especially is one that caught our ears with the soft sine keys that give the music track space. His vocal is deep yet soothing, and his lyrics reveal the true realities of life. Take the focus away from life’s luxuries and enjoy it for what it is. Definitely worth checking out for a nice morning tune.

Good Vibes (Za) – Wale

Continuing on the trend of mellow tunes, we have Good Vibes (Za) by Wale. The music track brings the energy up with some skittery hats and a more sporadic drum beat. The message behind this music track is more solemn as Wale brings up topics of the struggles of reality. For the folks who are into lyrical hip hop, this music track is for you.

LiLBiTcH (ft. Rico Nasty & Soleima) – chillpill

The video for this track pairs with the energy of the song perfectly. Playful and very animated., the track features many interesting vocal effects over a bouncy beat. It makes you feel like you’re in a video game. Definitely a music track that puts you in a good mood and makes you want to dance.

That’s a wrap for this weeks New Music. We hope you can get behind all the hip hop that we presented to you. Let us know what other hip hop bangers came out that we missed out on! And if you want to listen last week’s playlist click here.