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New Possible Edible Rules in Colorado

On Monday, members of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division listened to both sides of a debate regarding how Colorado is labeling their cannabis edibles. House Bill 1366, introduced last year, was an attempt to end accidental ingestion by adopting a “universal symbol” for the edible products.

The first proposal for the symbol was a red stop sign with the letters THC printed on them. Dan Anglin, chairman of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, opposed the design, calling it, “a political statement: ‘stop THC.’”

In contrast, Smart Colorado doesn’t think it goes far enough. “We’re afraid it is really going to be hard to see,” said Gina Carbone, adding that the stop-sign is a great universal symbol since, when people see it, they are conditioned to, “pause, consider what they’re doing. You look both ways and then you proceed.”

Anglin thinks the childproof packaging is enough to end accidental ingestion, saying “What we need is people to be intellectually honest,”

Along with packaging, the Marijuana Enforcement Division heard opinions on capping the amount of cannabis in edible products, acceptable levels of contaminates in a product before it must be destroyed, rules on how to test hemp, as well rules on allowing loans from out of state.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division will conclude the public hearing and draft a report, which the Department of Revenue will make a final decision on.