How The Olympics Has Set A Reasonable Precedent For Cannabis

Olympics Has Set A Reasonable Precedent For Cannabis

Notorious for opposing any sort of substance that may enhance performance, the Olympics has set a reasonable precedent for the use of cannabis by its athletes. In recent years, cannabis has become increasingly popular amongst professional athletes. Its ability to reduce muscle and joint inflammation combined with its ability to improve sleep makes it a no brainer.

Olympics Precedent Cannabis

Cannabis Usage Limit For Athletes

While still considered a prohibited substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the limit they have put into place is surprisingly reasonable. An athlete’s urine must contain less than 150 nanograms per millilitre of Carboxy-THC, a cannabis metabolite.

Swimming Athletes

To put that into perspective, the average workplace drug test has thresholds between 15ng/ml and 100ng/ml. In 2017, WADA altogether removed its restriction on cannabidiol (CBD). Although they still warn athletes that consuming CBD could inadvertently result in THC consumption.

Future Prospects For Cannabis Use Looks Good

With cannabis having been legalized in Canada and several states in the U.S., there’s no telling how things will change in the coming years. With big names like Michael Phelps being known users of cannabis, there may be a possibility of even more leniency in the future.

Should athletes be entitled to consume cannabis without worrying about potential repercussions from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)? Let us know your views on Olympics precedent for cannabis in the comments and follow us @cannalifenet for more cannabis news and info.