Recycle cannabis packaging

Can We Please Start to Recycle Cannabis Packaging?

I am sure by now you have purchased weed from a dispensary. Did you notice the excessive packaging… Can we please start to recycle cannabis packaging?


recycle cannabis packaging
Photo by: Leafly

It is absurd how much packaging is used to legally sell a few buds. I understand there are regulations, and this is the way it has to be… So perhaps we could find a way to make this more sustainable.

“The federal Cannabis Act specifies certain criteria for cannabis packaging, such as using opaque or semi-transparent child-resistant material. That can make it hard for producers to use materials that fulfill recycling program mandates. “

– CTV News Edmonton Staff

The current containers used for packaging cannabis are a pretty good size and shape but, commonly made from cardboard or cheap plastics; They are not made to last.

As it stands now, these packages are unable to be recycled. They get thrown away, only adding waste to the landfills.

Save the Landfills

What if we were to find a way to effectively recycle these containers so they stay out of our landfills! Whether you are a daily toker or an occasional smoker, the amount of waste produced from your cannabis purchases adds up!

Just imagine, a person who smokes weed every single day will likely go to their bud dispensary every week or so. Their packaging waste for the week may look something like this:

cannabis containers
Photo by: Greg MacLean

Now, imagine how much packaging is accumulated after one month… one year… five years… that’s quite a lot!

Recycle Cannabis Packaging

What if we had a system in place where there was a recycling deposit at the time of purchase. This seems to have worked well for recycling bottles and cans, so why not cannabis containers too! Perhaps adding an incentive to properly dispose of the cannabis packaging for a small rebate will help reduce our impact on the environment. Honestly, it’s not about the money either, just a matter of getting a system in place to deal with all the waste.

If we are going to be using disposable packaging, the least we could do is recycle it when we are done. The only hold up now is that the cannabis producers would be the ones responsible for:

“innovating, investing in, and funding cannabis package recycling solutions.”

– The Alberta Bottle Depot Association

Reusable Cannabis Packaging

In an ideal world, everyone would pay a little more upfront to invest in a proper reusable container (such as glass or tin). Then refill their own personal container every time.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Would you be willing to pay a little more if cannabis packaging had a recycling deposit? Let us know in the comments below, and as always follow @cannalifenet for related articles.