Even though Trudeau has promised that cannabis legalization will happen, the federal government has seen fit to use tax dollars to fund a four city tour in order to warn youngsters about the dangers of using cannabis.

The federally funded Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse kicks off the tour in Halifax with three experts on the panel.

The director of research and policy for the centre, Dr. Amy Porath-Waller, says the purpose of this tour is to get a dialogue going on how to protect individuals who are under the age of 25. Dr. Waller says there is research that shows that the risks are higher for young people because their brains are still developing.

This of course runs counter to a brand new study out of the UK that shows cannabis use in teens has no direct impact on IQ or mental development. Perhaps she should keep up with the latest research before using taxpayer’s money to go out and spread falsities to the public. Never mind the ever-growing list of people who are successfully using cannabis and cannabis oil to treat very serious conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, Crohn’s disease, PTSD and more. No, those things aren’t important, it’s more important to use taxes to pay for a fear mongering campaign aimed at young people.

Let’s just suppose that instead of cannabis, free speech and/or freedom of religion had been outlawed under Stephen Harper, and Trudeau came in with the promise to legalize those things. Surely people would be happy with the newly acquired freedom, but would they be happy to hear those essential freedoms would be “regulated and restricted” too? Would they then be appreciative of a federal tour that warns people about the dangers of free speech and freedom of religion?

Dr. Waller says the purpose of the panels is to engage doctors, teachers, guidance councilors, and parents since they deal with young people often. Next month the remainder of the panel presentations will be held in Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. Hopefully people in attendance will push back on the false narrative promoted by the government-funded research centre.

To be fair, the costs for this tour are probably a drop in the bucket as far as the federal budget goes, but it doesn’t change the fact that this tour is an absolute waste of money. If any parent, teacher, or anyone wants to learn more about the risks of cannabis or anything else for that matter, there is a wonderful tool called the internet people can use to help them learn more.

A tour like this makes Trudeau’s legalization talk seem pretty weak, so we will see if this kind of behaviour continues from the federal government.

  • Réal Guy


    So far Justin Trudeau reminds me of his predecessor Jean Chrétien, though instead of saying one thing on one side and something else on another side now he switches moods between both official languages i guess. Each time MiniPET showed up on national French-speaking TV at TLMEP he gave us the wrong signals and never cared to have a change of direction, maybe that explains why the rest of Canada is starting to realize this twisted situation kind of late: it’s “legaleeze”, never been about “legalize” i’m afraid.

    A bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionist running on public money said, in the name of children:

    « …research indicates the risks are greater for teens who use marijuana because their brains are still in development. »

    Hummm… M’yeah, sure. But to read it in full black ‘n white print doesn’t make this any more true, considering there’s also a study (Nature, doi:10.1038/srep16921, published 2015-Nov-19) showing beneficial effects in babies yet to be born (!), who proved to have developped their visual cortex more efficiently while still in their mother’s wound (they reacted faster to stimuli), meaning the interconnections had matured beyond the usual stereotypical expectations relative to exposition to toxic smoke, since in Canada way too much citizens still consume burned material on top of that!! In addition i believe the cigarette “joint” actually promotes a marginal problem: the so-called “addiction” of cannabis, which in my own opinion may have something to do with the consumption mode in terms of “ritual”, etc. In comparison a pipe cools off the moment it is put aside, which implies the user can forget it instead of feeling an urge to finish it up. But i was many decades younger when that could have really helped me as a teenager myself and hence i rage in the name of children today!

    Further more, still about that study on unborn babies… Compared to a group exposed to alcohol it turned out those who also got exposed to cannabis happened to benefit from a relative protection effect against the damages of alcohol… Wow! So yeah, lets talk about preventing low-IQ and impared “development” seriously some day!

    Now if that doesn’t kill the old fear monger tales i dunno what it takes. But at least this should clearly demonstrate why Joy Davies was rejected by Liberals as a candidate last fall, during the elections period. No, she wasn’t crazy after all, sufficient controversy exists to DEMAND leagalisation to be orchestrated by persons with real competence. Personnally i’m thinking of our national astronaut with a solid scientific formation and who’s in charge of, euh… Guess what?… TRANSPORTATION!!!

    M’yeap. Roads, bridges… Oil tanks moving around, concrete. Whatever.

    What a shame quite honnestly! At the very least this fine man could have understood the statistics debates properly, but no, all we can hope for in this new “sunny” era is a brutal cop who became famous for an abuse of police force at the G20 – which i find utterly disgusting.

    In the meantime such reefer madness is free to continue North of Colorado… Just the old Harper style, except now the government is lying twice and his father’s son is leading that parade in the name of children nonetheless. While effectively supporting organized crime by continuing to favour artificially high prices for those who no longer are children. M’well, i mean there’s a difference between 2 $/g and 10 to 15, or even 18 recently!… Briefly put mafia runs the coutry if you ask me (while MiniPET is busy chasing utopic clouds!).

    And as if that wasn’t enough icing on the cake, our traditional media itself has become socio-toxic to a point they keep failing the Canadian population too. For example, the Clarenville arrests leading to extraditions towards USA over life sentences triggered by snail-mail cannabis. That should ring a bell IMO, especially in Vancouver where Marc Emery tasted a similar fate for mailing seeds in Harper days…

    But in the end, when did the bigots ever care to demonstrate with solid scientific evidence how many children were saved from the “harms” of “Marie-Caca” since 1932, when Canada signed the 1st UN treaty banning cannabis internationnally?? And what harms has it been all along exactly???

    Toxic parents pushed into senseless situations by toxic propaganda? Toxic police officiers who get nervous quick and then who may eventually shoot to kill even faster, because it’s “Mariejuana” and the crooks might be heavily armed?… Etc., etc.

    It seems to me the whole parliament is now reading “The black candle” religiously, more specifically this chapter:

    « Marahuana: A New Menace »​

    In the name of a war on youth for some hidden agenda i would say.

    Good day, have fun!!