Saskatoon Protesters Condemn Police Raid

A Saskatoon woman who has never used cannabis, spoke at a protest Oct. 31 about the benefits of medical marijuana and decried police actions.

A crowd outside of the Saskatoon police headquarters heard from Brittany Elliott, who spoke about how her friend Lane Britnell, arrested last week at a local raided dispensary, had seen his quality of life increase dramatically with medical cannabis.

On Oct. 29, police raided the Saskatchewan Compassion Club, arresting four staff, including owner Mark Hauk and Britnell. Britnell has been charged with trafficking of marijuana and possession of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking.

Elliott said Britnell had suffered from Crohn’s disease and depression before finding cannabis.

“Somebody I love was once very ill,” Elliott said to the crowd. “I lied next to him every night as he screamed in pain and lost his quality of life.”

After Britnell began using cannabis, Elliott said “he got his life back and he wanted to share it with others.”

“He discovered medicinal marijuana and it changed his life, and we saw him smile again for the first time in a very, very long time,” Elliott said.