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Seeking Approval from Global Big Brother

Scarborough Liberal MP Bill Blair is a liar. All politicians are, and the former police chief (during the Toronto G20 no less) is no exception.

Banks, and other corporate conglomerates, have done a nice job building their economic world empire. Now all that’s needed is mass acceptance of an “international community” with legal and moral authority.

Bill Blair is “very mindful” about these global obligations and “very respectful” to what other countries think.

But he also said he’s “very clear that the government of Canada has the right — even within those conventions — to ensure the health of our citizens, the safety of our kids, and an effective way to deal with organized crime.”

Of course, ensuring the “health of our citizens” doesn’t involve dismantling the Soviet-style health care system, getting Big Pharma out of the process or legalizing cannabis liberally so people can manufacture oils and treat their cancer.

And never-mind that there is no track record showing how lenient prohibition of alcohol, through state-owned enterprises and a cartel of producers, has resulted in the “safety of our kids.” Underage drinking is still rampant, and, I’m sorry — whose kids? I thought children were the responsibility of their parents, not the entire country’s.

And of course, by organized crime, Bill Blair means the grassroots cannabis industry.

Organized crime, not because they are violent, but because cannabis is in the criminal code. The fact that these people would cease to be criminals is lost on drug czar Bill Blair. He’s seeking new applicants, like the Harper-era LPs, to take part in the Liberal’s crony-regulatory framework.

A United Nations blockade of Canada’s legalization might actually help slow down the government’s destructive legalization process.

But, then, convincing the UN and the “international community” to adopt free and fair markets is just as impractical as lobbying Ottawa, if not more so.

This is how Western liberal democracies with “mixed economies” descend into all-around bureaucracy dominated by political theatre and special interest groups.

The Dominion of Canada doesn’t need international approval to end prohibition.

Canadians shouldn’t seek government permission to ingest substances into their own body.

Justin Trudeau is an international celebrity masquerading as a Prime Minister.

The Liberal government announced cannabis legalization, not to Canadians, but to the United Nations General Assembly.

It’s starting to look as if those world-government conspiracy-types were right all along.

When did Canadians handover their sovereignty to a world apparatus of technocrats? When did Ottawa start seeking approval beyond the authority of voters?