Starting A Collective As A Musician – Strength In Numbers

Take a look at how teaming up with other creatives as an indie musician can be beneficial. Learn some quick tips about positive networking from an independent artist and how starting a collective as a musician means strength in numbers.

Having An In-House Producer

Teaming up with an audio engineer as an artist offers so many benefits. Not only will you have a teammate to go through the grind with but you’ll also have easy access to beats, mixing, and mastering. As a producer, growing alongside the brand of other artists and getting their tag out there is a great way to cross-market and grow as a team. Check out how local Vancouver artist Eli406 teams up with audio engineer Chef Keys to leverage their individual skills to grow together.

Collaborate With Upcoming Fashion Brands & Designers for your music videos or shoots

Collaborate With Upcoming Fashion Brands & Designers for your music videos or shoots

Standing out as an artist is super important! Starting repping and wearing cool and original clothing made by local artists around your city! If you’re unsure how to find these designers, looking on IG for hashtags such as #vancouverdesigner or #indiefashion is a good place to start. Offer to wear their creations in your music videos or next photoshoot!

“That’s My Watermark”

Musician and photographer

Meet Rheis Setter, an active photographer, and videographer based in British-Colombia. Going through his work you can see he puts himself at the right place and time to connect with musicians and artists to capture their story. This makes for excellent networking opportunities. Encourage your photographer to leave his watermark in his photos so you can help push his brand when sharing them with your socials.

Be a part of a music band as 6 Minds Are Better Than 1

Team up as a band

Creators of all kinds will face challenges and blocks that seem like not everyone can understand. Being part of a collective, band, or even a driven duo will fast forward your creative process. Brainstorming and wording your thoughts to others will offer you perspectives you wouldn’t have had alone. Check out Coronation Collective’s latest album to see how each member’s unique style compliments each other.

Did you find these tips helpful for starting a collective as a musician? Let us know your views about teaming up in the comments below.