After the immediate effects of THC have worn off, it can linger in your body for weeks or months depending on your body and individual metabolism. THC can be detected in fingernails, hair, urine, and blood samples, even if an individual has not recently smoked or consumed cannabis

THC Detox

In various states, some organizations may require newly hired employees to pass a drug test, which could include screening for THC. In these cases, someone who has consumed cannabis within the last few weeks could test positive for THC, possibly risking their job. So, what do you do if you have a THC screening coming up and need to pass? You need a THC detox. 

Why Is It Hard to Detox from THC

Unlike some other faster-metabolizing drugs, cannabis and THC can be detectable in your system for weeks or even months. THC clings to and lives in the body’s fat cells. Fat cells have their own natural process of detoxing, which can take days, weeks, or months depending on the substance and how much the individual has taken. That said, there are some tried and true methods of increasing the body’s natural ability to detox, and flushing the THC from your system as quickly as possible. 

THC Detox Best Practices

So, you have a THC screening coming up, and you need to do a THC detox – here’s what to do:


Hydration is a mainstay of most detox methods, since consuming liquids and staying extra-hydrated can act as a diuretic. Drinking copious (but comfortable) amounts of water, tea, cranberry juice, and electrolyte-rich fluids can help to flush and clean out the kidneys by increasing the need to urinate. This method can be particularly useful if you are being administered a urine THC screening since this can help reduce the occurrence of THC in your system.  


Like staying extra-hydrated, sweating helps with a THC detox by flushing toxins out through the skin. Sweating also helps to release THC stored in your fat cells and may reduce your chances of testing positive for THC on a blood screening. Exercising or enjoying a hot sauna are both great ways to sweat the toxins out of your fat cells, and is even more effective when combined with additional hydration. Remember to shower immediately after to prevent reabsorption of toxins.

Lean Diet

Sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and fatty proteins can all help your fat cells to hold THC more tightly, making it more difficult to detox from the chemical even if you are using other detox methods. To help speed up the release of THC from your body, consider eating a lean, healthy diet made up of vegetables, lean protein, and high fiber. This kind of diet can also help you to remain more adequately hydrated throughout the day, which can further help your body to detox from THC. 


Sleeping and giving your body plenty of rest is key to any kind of detox, including a THC detox. Sleeping allows the body to reset, heal, and regain strength after a long day of flushing toxins, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of recoup time. 

How Long to Completely Cleanse Your Body from THC

Depending on how much and how often you smoke, it can take anywhere from two weeks to two months for your body to be fully cleansed of THC. Without intervention, several weeks of detoxing are relatively normal. Detox methods and aids can help to speed up the process, though it may still take some time for you to be able to pass a THC test. 

Detoxing THC Fast

The methods mentioned above for assisting your body’s own detoxification systems are relatively easy and non-invasive, but they might not have you detoxed as quickly as you would like. 

While home remedies and masking agents may have worked to beat a test in the past, tests are much more effective and will instantly detect any tampering. However, herbal remedies and commercial detox products can help speed up the natural detoxification process, and have your body cleansed in just a few days. The 5-day detox program from Nutra Cleanse, for example, will help you to flush your system in less than a week, leaving you free of THC and ready to pass a toxicity screening. Be sure to find a reputable product that will actually flush your system and not just mask the THC. 

Pass Your Test Canada carries a full line of detox solutions from Nutra Cleanse and has been helping people test toxin-free for 20 years. If you have a tight cleansing deadline, using a detox program is the way to go. Their products are herbal blends that assist your body’s own detoxification system; no masking agents used only high-quality ingredients.

Bonus Tip: Quit Smoking

Finally, the ultimate tip for detoxing from THC: Stop smoking weed. 

Yes, it seems obvious, but if you really want to attempt a THC detox, you will have to stop consuming marijuana altogether. Avoid smoking, vaping, taking edibles, or consuming THC in any other way while you detox for the best and fastest results.