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Top 7 Cannabis Themed Party Games

Okay, so the pandemic sort of killed parties. Still, maintaining connection is more important than ever right now. Gatherings between our loved ones are clear for the most part, and research shows how a good joint is beneficial for not only our physical ailments but emotional wellbeing too. So forget drinking games; for those of you who’d rather spark up, we bring you the top seven cannabis-themed party games to play at your next gathering.

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games at parties or small gatherings? Games are practically the best part of the party, even as kids at birthday parties. By the time adulthood rolls around, we swap pin the tail on the donkey for games like beer pong. The point of drinking games is, well, drinking, and not all of us enjoy drinking or nursing a hangover. That said, it’s high time to stop leaving out the stoners. Let’s get into these cannabis themed party games.

Don’t Get Too High Right Away

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Now, just because cannabis comes with a lot less risk for injury than alcohol, you should still be careful and practice moderation. Getting too high or “greening out” can be really uncomfortable or even scary. At the very least, it’s a quick way to ruin the night. Before you start playing one of these weed games, here are a few tips to not get too high. If you start feeling green in a bad way, follow our guide for how to deal with greening out

Take a single hit from the joint or bong

It’s the equivalent of sipping from your beer instead of taking a shot.

Use dry flower

Using oil or gummies can be high potency, especially if you don’t know the amount you’re taking.

Lower THC

Particularly for newbies or those with lower tolerances, if the THC is high, it’ll make you too stoned too quickly. Opt for something higher in CBD or lower in THC.

Don’t take extra hits in between rounds

For some, this can be tempting. But if you do it, you will be paste to the couch and miss all the fun.

Pick a game that works for the number of people playing

If you pick a game meant for at least five people, but you’re only three, you will take more hits, and the game will end before it even begins. Now that you know how to keep your game going longer, here are the top seven cannabis themed party games to add a little green to your next game night. Call up your friends and have some fun!


What this game lacks in pizzaz it makes up for with comfort. This is a classic, nostalgic game — playing old maid at your dad’s cabin, Windows 98 pinball, watching District 9 at the mall with your high school weed dealer. It forgives your lack of money or elaborate game ideas, and the commitment to mediocrity is oddly inspirational. Sometimes we don’t want to feel held to society’s standards of excellence. Sometimes we don’t want to compete. Sometimes, maybe more often than we’d like to admit, we just want to pack a bowl with our friends and watch Blade

What I’m saying is, this is great if you want to sit around with a few friends, watch a movie and get high. There are infinite variations, and your creativity is your only limit. You could pick a stoner movie, and when anyone in the movie tokes, you all take a hit. Why not choose a comedy where you can all take a puff when someone says something funny. Or, if you prefer an action movie, you can take a hit whenever someone draws out their gun. I am sure you get the point.


Cannabis is one way to breathe new life (and smoke) into this classic party game. Get your bongs ready, or a few joints, and all gather. Pick a person to go first. That person makes a simple statement starting with: “Never have I ever” followed by something they have not done. For example, someone might say, “Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.” Anyone who has done or experienced that action takes a toke. The next person in the group makes a statement, and the play goes on from there.


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I’m sure we are all familiar with the famous drinking game beer pong. Well, instead of beer, you can use a bong, and this game can be just as much fun. So gather up some ping balls and cups and set it up just like beer bong but, instead of filling glasses with beer, you can add water. When your ball lands in a cup, your opponent takes a hit instead of chugging some beer. You could also use THC or CBD-infused beverages in the cups.


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This is a great game for camping or outdoor activities. Any situation where you’re sitting around a fire with your friends listening to music. You all can choose some songs that you like and pick a lyric from the song that when you hear it, you all take a puff.


Feeling a little active? If you and your friends want to move around, this is perfect. Of course, it requires more prep than other games and works best outside. It might be better to play outdoors. Put together an obstacle course with outdoor activities. If you have pool noodles, you could always lie them across a chair to jump over. If you have an agility ladder, place it on the ground. Use your imagination for this one. Every time they finished the activity, they take a puff or toke before moving on to the next.


If you are familiar with blackjack (or “21”), this is a fun and simple game to play. Most people play by the rule of whoever gets closest to 21 takes a hit. Simple as that.

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Another fun card game is High Card. This game is best suited for two or more people. Place a card face down in front of each player. Then take the top card off the leftover pile and show it to everyone. They have to guess if the card in front of them will be higher or low than the drawn card. If they guess correctly, they win and get to take a hit.

What cannabis game do you like to play with your friends? Let us know in the comments. Follow CLN for the latest news, reviews, editorials and more!