Trudeau channels Harper on hypocritical legalization approach

“I don’t know how much clearer we can be,” Justin Trudeau pleaded to the indifferent majority. “We’re not legalizing marijuana to please recreational users.”


Well, no surprise there.

It’s always been about “the children” and “organized crime.” The Liberals never recognized pre-existing rights. It was always about decriminalizing incidental possession and regulating everything else.

But since prohibition doesn’t work for teenagers now, it’s unlikely to work in the future when adults are permitted to buy from federally licensed producers.

As for organized crime, it’s a semantics issue. Cannabis criminals are only criminals because cannabis is in the criminal code.

There is no violent crime worth regulating over. The judicial system’s enforcement of contracts permits peaceful business relations.

Justin is basically calling for the rounding-up of cannabis connoisseurs. No different from Stephen Harper.

Former police chief and current legalization czar Bill Blair can stand down, there is no threat from cannabis.

Only five per cent involved with cannabis are connected to violent crime. And you don’t remove violence and fraud from the cannabis marketplace through overbearing regulation.

Just like everywhere else in the economy, a safe and profitable cannabis sector will thrive under laissez-faire capitalism.

That is, allowing contractual relationships to prosper in a free market will go a long way to combating the almost-non-existent organized crime, while educating minors, and producing rules that will facilitate peace and cooperation for all Canadians.

But the Castro-loving Trudeau family has never let a little liberty and economic logic get in the way of their socialist ideals.

Justin Trudeau admits that legalizing for the Canadians who actually consume the herb is not the goal of his government.

But — “We recognize that that is something that’s going to happen when it happens, but it’s not happened yet.”

Justin speaks as if he can control the millions of decisions and transactions Canadians make every day.

The growth of “illegal” cannabis farmers and vendors, even in prohibitionist Ontario, is enough to discredit his “sunny ways.”

Every once in a while, people realize the power they have over politicians. Often, it’s when the political system has failed them.

Not legalizing for the recreational users is not legalization. It’s a new prohibitionist policy. Justin’s “promise” was made from whole cloth.

Failure to permit a free and fair cannabis market will only result in further defiance.

Justin says legalization has “not happened yet” but people are opening dispensaries. People are farming and extracting cannabis.

The people have already decided it’s happened. We are now waiting for the Liberals to play catch-up.

Justin’s Liberals can’t prevent markets from forming.

But like the old Soviet Union, Justin can recommend criminals sanctions on any markets that fall outside state control. And that’s precisely what he’s done.