CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox

Vancouver 420 2015

Growers growing. Tokers toking. Patients medicating. Experts educating. 420 Vancouver was everything you can imagine it was. And Cannabis in Canada was there to cover it all.

420 rallies were held all across the world in support of our right to grow, indulge, and medicate with our plant. But no rally has the community feel and sense of importance of Vancouver’s.

CinC Founding Director Jason Wilcox made a rousing and riveting speech. It was Jason at his finest: passionate, informed, and focussed. Libertarian Party of Canada leader (and Allard et al. witness) Tim Moen took the stage to enliven the crowd and reaffirm his candidacy for Prime Minister. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth made an appearance to lend his support to the cause. CinC’s Chad Jackett pushed our message and spread the word.

Also spotted were Marc and Jodie Emery, John Conroy, the Cannabis Growers of Canada, the Cannabis Rights Coalition, and all of our amazing supporters, both old and new. The event was festive, but the message was clear: Let us grow, let us medicate, let us be.

Watch the video. Get engaged. Get involved. The prohibition is almost over.

Onward we grow!