Vancouver’s 2016 Global Marijuana March

Vancouver’s 2016 Global Marijuana March was a success with over 100 people marching from the Art Gallery to City Hall.

This year’s march was especially crucial since the local government has amped up the drug war against medical dispensaries, with over 90% expected to shut down or face daily fines averaging $250 a day.

Unlike previous years, a cannabis farmer’s market was set up at City Hall, where local venders openly flaunted the city’s repressive regulations.

Jerry Martin, from Martin Medicinals, was in attendance, along with many other activists like Freddie Pritchard of the One Man Smoke Show and Reg from Budzilla

The Global Marijuana March has been held annually on the first Saturday of May since 1999. It takes place in cities across the world.

You can watch Vancouver’s march, recorded live, on Periscope.



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