Today, the issue of possible damage from vape pens is more relevant than ever. Many studies indicate that the systematic use of e-cigarettes has long- or short-term effects on vapers’ health. That is, no disease can develop solely due to the consumption of vape devices. Public opinion is also gradually changing. In 2011, only 11.5% of the population of the United States believed that vaping is harmful to their health; in 2015 this figure rose up to 37%.

In fact, the self-awareness of citizens is the driving force in the fight against any social problem. It is obvious that the joint efforts of activists, journalists, government officials and scientists can stop the spread of fashion on vaping in order to preserve the health of citizens.

If you look at the headlines about vaping in 2017, we will see quite ambiguous and scary headlines. For example, “Adolescents use a dry herb vaporizer to increase concentration to prepare for exams,” “A vape pen exploded, shattering the owner’s jaw,” “Vaping: A New Niche for Drug Distribution.” Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Of course, it is difficult to say what percentage of public opinion is affected by such bad news. However, in general, with the government’s statements and the increase in the number and dissemination of scientific research, public awareness of this issue is growing. People are increasingly asking themselves and experts whether it is safe to use e-cigarettes, whether it is possible to buy them for your loved ones, whether it is worth all the possible catastrophic consequences?

Scientific Point of View on Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

In short, there is no reason to believe that a vape pen is a great threat to humanity. There are no studies that confirm that consumption of vape devices can cause serious harm to the body in a short period of time. Of course, there are concerns about the impact of e-cigarettes here and there, especially about the best cannabis vaporizer and wax mod. Scientists, as well as humanity, are concerned about the possible popularization of neurotrophic substances through vape devices.

However, the world scientific community still has no evidence of the short-term negative impact of vape devices. As for the long-term consequences, the amount of data on this issue is incredibly limited. For example, we have data from a study that lasted three years and six months, which concluded that vaping activity does not tend to cause serious harm to the body. Scientists claim that it is impossible to destroy your lungs, heart or other organs only through the process of vaping.

It is important to note that this does not negate the fact that vape pens still cause some harm. Therefore, the biggest challenge today is to determine the degree of danger of vaping devices and the development of methods to combat the negative effects of vaping. In addition, because of the fact of secondhand vaping, scientists aspire to develop special technologies that would reduce the negative impact of vapour on the human body, the environment and pets.

The Importance of Understanding The Risks

When it comes to the possible risks of vaping, it is important to be able to provide the information without any harm to society. That is right, not to harm. Some may say that the truth has never hurt anyone, but to be honest, many people take such reports as panic, fake news, or outright intimidation from the authorities. In fact, the authorities must inform their citizens of possible threats. And, vaping is one of them.

So, the question is how to create the necessary context to understand this problem. Currently, a large part of society still perceives vaping devices as something new. In particular, because there are many new models, as well as substances for vaping. For example, the best vaporizer for dry herb allows you to consume a variety of natural remedies, such as chamomile, mint, thyme, or marijuana. In fact, sometimes such a variety of choices also frightens people, especially the elderly.

So what should the authorities do to provide information safely? First, they need to explain to people that most of what we do is dangerous. Of course, this is not a call to become a vaper. Secondly, the authorities cannot recommend the public to use these devices, because they still carry certain risks. Therefore, when asked which is better: regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes, the authorities should say that it is better to avoid products containing tobacco.

Facing the Reality: What Are Vaping Risks?

As mentioned above, recently more and more news channels have been spreading the information about how vape pens explode, how children die from accidental drinking e-liquid, or how dogs or other pets suffer after eating a substance for the best marijuana vaporizer. Such news frightens each of us because we do not want our beloved ones to suffer. Thus, the level of public concern about vape pens is constantly growing.

Unfortunately, this fear is often used for marketing purposes. Some unscrupulous sellers use terms such as “not exploding e-cigarettes” and “exploding batteries” for advertising. In fact, any battery can explode. It can be a battery in the remote control to the TV, in the smartphone, or in the refrigerator. However, we do not believe that these things are in danger of exploding. Why? Because nobody told us about it. Yes, society is influenced by the media and the fear of exploding batteries arose precisely because of the media.

However, the issue of the explosion is not the issue of vape pens as such. That is the issue of quality. So how can we avoid buying a lemon? You need to read reviews about the device on multiple platforms, critically evaluate them, look for information about the manufacturer, view research on the model, if any, and communicate with other vapers who can share their personal experiences. In addition, do not forget that not only the mechanical part of the device but also e juice ingredients require checking.

To be honest, it is almost impossible to be sure of the high quality of an e-liquid. Especially if the producer is an unknown company registered outside the United States. The three basic elements that usually make people doubt are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Flavorings. The first one is proved relatively safe. It does not damage the lungs, but can slightly irritate them. The second one also can irritate airways, but only if you take it in dramatically high quantities.

Third, flavourings, are the most contradictory. In fact, many other products contain them and we eat them every day, but we still understand their possible damage. In addition, it is difficult to find out the level of toxicity because there are thousands of millions of tastes.

Considering the facts above, one should remember that there is nothing safe in this world and one must be careful with what they do. However, it is silly to be afraid of every new opportunity that life gives to us.