coughing while vaping cannabis

Vaping Cannabis: Why You Might Cough and Ways to Prevent it

The popularity of vaping has soared in the last few years, and one of the reasons why is vaping cannabis is less harsh on the lungs. Many people are turning to vaping cannabis instead of rolling a joint or smoking.

Research is ongoing, but vaping cannabis is indeed known to be a healthier choice. However, many consumers still find themselves having a coughing fit when they take a puff from their vape cartage.

coughing while vaping
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There can be numerous reasons why you are coughing while vaping. One thing for sure is you are inhaling something into your lungs that irritate on any level, as both smoke and vapour do, can lead to you coughing.

Below are a few ways that might help remedy coughing while vaping so you can get back to enjoying the benefits of cannabis.

Vape Juice Ingredients may cause coughing while vaping

Any potentially questionable ingredients in vape juice aside, the terpenes found in cannabis oil can cause you to cough. Terpenes are aromatic oils that colour the different cannabis selections with distinctive flavours. Potentially, terpenes are the real reason cannabis strains have differing effects at all. However, sometimes these oils can cause an itch in your throat, causing you to cough while vaping. The solution might be as simple as trying a different flavour, and that cough will disappear.

It’s Hot and Dry

You are heating vapour and inhaling it into your lungs. Don’t forget that your lungs are designed for breathing in cool, tepid air, not hot, dry cannabis vapour. Heating your vape pen too high could irritate your lungs and throat, which can cause you to end up coughing. Maybe try a lower setting on your vape pen or have a glass of water nearby which will help keep your throat moist.

It’s Not a Joint

If you grew up with a joint in hand, you might have to adjust your approach to avoid coughing. Many consumers who previously smoked joints now use a vape pen as if it’s still a joint, taking big puffs holding it in way too long. The result of this style of smoking could end up with you coughing so bad that you vomit. Nobody wants that. Basically, try to take smaller, shallower puffs. Remove your mouth from your pen and breathe in some fresh air. This approach will improve your vaping more positively than hacking up a lung.

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Underlying Health Issues can cause coughing while vaping

If you suffer from a respiratory illness like asthma or bronchitis, this could make you cough regardless of approach. Perhaps, consider finding alternative methods like oil drops or edibles. Also, keep in mind that there are ingredients that you could be allergic to in your vaping oils, like Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Talk with your local budtender about something that might work better for you. Or, check out a few other methods of consuming cannabis that may work better for you.


If vaping cannabis oil is new to you and you are coughing a lot, you might need time to adjust. Find the perfect settings and how much to puff at a time that will work best for you.