Video: Keith Gall Assaulted For Medical Cannabis

Keith Gall is a medical cannabis user with a legal permit from the federal government to grow his own marijuana. While in the midst of an ongoing legal battle with provincial officials who could potentially evict him from his home, Gall was assaulted by men who broke into his house in the early hours of Feb. 26, robbing him of the medicine he needs to live with multiple sclerosis.

Advocate and fire expert Time Moen describes the attack in this Cannabis in Canada video.

“They took all his mature plants, all his medicine — his medical marijauana — and threatened to cut off his fingers one at a time if he didn’t tell them where his money was,” said Moen.

Keith, who is confined to a wheelchair due to his illness, was restrained and beaten by the intruders, who stole around four months worth of his medication. As a disabled retiree, this is a real and serious attack on Keith’s life and his ongoing security.

Gall’s fixed income makes replacing his medication on his own difficult, and securing his house to prevent future break-ins nearly impossible.

“Keith is a man of a fixed income and could really use our help, so I’m asking everyone with a heart out there who cares, to get involved and help out if you can,” said Moen. “We need to buy a security system to keep these bad guys out again, who knows if they’re going to come back and try to shake him down.”

Cannabis Growers of Canada has organized a fundraiser for Gall to provide the homeowner with an upgraded home security system to monitor his property and make sure another attack like this doesn’t happen.

The CGC said it has provided Gall with free membership into the organization and is looking to raise approximately $3,000 for a security camera system.