Cannabis Industry
Cannabis Industry

What It’s Like To Work In The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is thriving and is expected to grow further in the coming years. A big factor that led to this growth is the change in legal stance when it comes to cannabis, where medical cannabis has been legalized in 33 US states and 10 other states besides D.C. have legalized its recreational use.

With such good prospects and opportunities for opening a cannabis business, it’s no surprise if the employment rates are increasing and the cannabis industry figures among the top industries in terms of the number of full-time workers. With all this buzz and hype about cannabis and its flourishing industry, one can’t help but wonder what it’s like to work there. Here, we’ll look deeper into the industry and get reliable accounts from people who are working in the cannabis industry.

Good Job Landing Opportunities

Before we tackle the actual working conditions in the industry, we’ll first examine the prospects of entering or landing a job in the weed industry. The cannabis industry has seen exponential growth in job availability in just a little over 4 years (20016-2020). With the current employment numbers topping 200K during the last quarter of 2019, this industry is fast becoming a hot item for people seeking employment opportunities.

One thing to keep in mind though is that while working in the cannabis industry might be fun, it also presents unique challenges and certain demands that are inherent in a job. After all, a marijuana job is still a job and how to get into the industry will be more challenging in the coming years as the industry grows. Right now, the prospects of employment in the cannabis field are still good, but you need to have the relevant skills or quickly learn the trade to thrive in the industry. Generally, jobs in the industry can be broadly categorized as growing positions and non-growing positions. There are no office work positions as of yet, and the jobs are mostly skill-based. Working as a grower, trimmer or harvester demands physical engagement with the plants. Cashier and budtender positions require good customer relationship and communication skills. Nevertheless, if you are determined to get any of the available positions, you have a fair chance at landing a job in this industry.

You Are Working in a Stable Industry

One of the benefits of working in a steadily growing industry is its ability to withstand an economic recession. The current COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected many major industries, but the cannabis industry is going strong and is thriving despite the public health crisis. Job security becomes a major concern in areas that are severely affected by the coronavirus crisis, but for those working in the weed industry, the worries about temporarily losing employment and source income are allayed by the current display of brisk cannabis business operations. Weed industry workers are benefitting from this stability by still being able to report to work and receiving regular compensation amidst the economic effects of COVID-19.

Competitive Pay Rates

Another beneficial effect of a thriving industry that is headed for further growth in the coming years is the prospect of getting competitive pay rates. As mentioned earlier, the current work setting and job demand in the cannabis industry are mostly skill-based jobs. The availability of the jobs, especially for growers, trimmers, and harvesters can be seasonal, part-time, or full-time depending on the operational structure of the business or company. Entry-level jobs in the growing and harvesting field are also rewarding as assistant growers can develop and hone their cannabis growing skills and eventually achieve a master grower status, with better prospects of income. Thanks to the booming marijuana market in California, and East Coast markets, it accordingly translated into higher salaries for cannabis workers in these areas, based on the law of supply and demand. This is primarily due to more companies seeking experienced employees and the rise in product prices in these market areas. Other states are still testing the waters of their current markets and are foreseen to make their attractive salary offers for workers in the growing cannabis industry.

Cannabis a Unique Industry and Work Environment

Working for the cannabis industry has its unique appeal. Because it is relatively new, it is not like other established industries that have a clear set of requirements for their jobs, work environments, and organizational structure. The unconventional atmosphere of the weed industry and its more open requirements for job qualifications make it a good job option for the general public. People looking for jobs can be intimidated by the experience and educational background requirements of most companies but in the weed industry, most of the business owners and company leaders value commitment, reliability, and flexibility from new and tenured members of their teams.

The cannabis market is still in its infancy and is seen to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years. This is why apart from looking for applicants with the willingness to learn the trade, business owners also bank on the commitment of their prospective employees. Owners and managers of the relatively new companies in the industry of cannabis seek growth and expansion in the future despite the shaky grounds of the legal status of cannabis in the country. With this, they need employees who are willing to grow with their companies and become advocates for a positive change in cannabis acceptance.

When speaking about the work environment in the cannabis industry, it is more laid back than has a fair share of challenges compared to regular blue-collar jobs. Growing and maintaining greenery does take skill and experience, but it isn’t physically taxing and is quite enjoyable for those who genuinely love weed. Working in the dispensary field as a budtender, dispensary manager, join roller, cashier, or inventory specialist also has a more relaxed atmosphere compared to retail outlets from other industries. This may be because of the relatively low influx of visitors and patrons and the tendency of buyers to order online, but great customer service is emphasized by business owners to their employees.

The cannabis industry is slowly but surely establishing itself as a strong market player. Its economic impact is already being enjoyed by those who have been able to work under the industry. Objectively, a job in the weed industry is the same as a job in any other industry – you diligently perform your tasks and you get paid. How you’ll come to love the job can be subjective and would vary with every worker. The choice to pursue a job in this field is ultimately up to the job seeker’s determination and commitment.