Vaporizers are a much healthier way of smoking marijuana and they provide a cleaner way to inhale THC which is the active ingredient in cannabis that produces psychoactive effects, aka makes you high. Depending on your preference, vaporization can be done with or without nicotine products. One of the benefits of vaporization is that you don’t have to be concerned about the carcinogenic chemicals in marijuana smoke when smoking – instead, you have an inhalable vapor that is less harmful than the conventional method of smoking weed. 

If you are new to vaping and you are not sure which vaporizer to use or what the features are that they should have, here is a guide to help you:

Temperature control

A good vape, like the ones that can be found at Smoke Cartel, should always have good temperature control. Temperature control allows you to have complete control over the product. By controlling the temperature to the degree that suits you, you get to enjoy the different flavors presented by terpenes present in the marijuana. Terpenes is the chemical which allows you to catch the aroma of the plant. It also allows you to choose different temperatures to heat your heating attachments. 

Temperature control is important because it creates a consistent vape while you’re taking longer drags because the temperature stays the same instead of getting hotter.   


A good vaporizer needs to be durable and should not break easily. Battery is also very important and should last for a good amount of time. When choosing a vape, go with one that has a larger battery size because it will last you longer and won’t require you to charge it often. You will find most vapes come with a charger and an LED screen that will tell you when your battery is getting low and requires a charge. 

Here are a few tips to extend the battery life of your vape:

  • Switch it off when you are not using it.
  • Don’t overcharge your batteries.
  • Don’t let your vape battery get cold.
  • Ensure that your vape battery is kept clean.
  • Use your vape batteries regularly. 


Another aspect of a good vaporizer is portability. A good vaporizer should be portable depending on the vape that you choose. Portable vaporizers are ideal because you can take them wherever you go and it is easy to carry. You even get portable vapes so small that you can close your entire hand around it making it a discreet option for when you want to vape in public.

The best portable dry herb vaporizers are:

  • PAX 3.
  • Arizer Solo II
  • DaVinci IQ
  • Airvape X
  • Linx Gaia
  • Kandypens Miva 2

Ease of use

A dry herb vaporizer should not be complicated to use, it should be easy. If you do not know how to use a dry herb vaporizer, here is a breakdown:

  • Once you have your dried herb ground up into small particles, you need to load the chamber of your vape pen. Avoid packing the chamber too tightly as this will result in uneven heating. Also avoid packing too loosely because this will result in higher temperatures that won’t provide the best experience.
  • The next step is heating up your pen, this may take up to 60 seconds depending on your vape model. You heat up the pen by simply holding down a button and you need to make sure that your pen is fully heated before taking a hit. Some vapes will allow you to adjust the temperature.
  • Finally, you breathe in or inhale. 

Consistent vapor and flavour

A good vaporizer should always produce consistent vapor. Too much smoke could indicate that something is burning and the aim is to have an effortless smoking experience. When using a vape, the flavour should be consistent because you want to enjoy the flavour of your dry herbs. Vaping allows you to appreciate the flavour of your herbs in a way that regular smoking does not. Infact, when you smoke regularly after vaping you might find the flavour to be unpleasant. The temperature control and how you stacked the chamber effects the consistency and quality of the flavour. 

Once you have taken the above mentioned things into consideration, your vaping experience should be a breeze. Remember what’s important: temperature control, durability, portability, ease of use and consistent vapor and flavour. Happy vaping!