Smoking supplies are not only purchased off typical brick-and-mortar shops. The Internet offers opportunities for proprietors to extend their reach to customers. The customers, then, get a few benefits that they can’t find in conventional stores. If you haven’t tried shopping at a smoking supply shop online, read on to learn more.

More Options 

An online head shop tends to have a wider selection of products than physical stores. Proprietors of online shops typically network with local and overseas suppliers; thus, you can get the latest glass pipes, dab rigs, bongs, vapes, and accessories. Such head shops also tend to offer discounts and promos that some physical shops won’t offer. There are brands offering subscription boxes as a way to introduce new products to their following.  

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Quality Control 

Online stores care about you getting what you’re paying for, and it’s not just because of the money. While online shops offer a larger inventory, some only select high-quality products. They won’t offer items made of plastic or acrylic, especially when heat is involved. Online vendors will sever ties with dishonest suppliers if they send in products that are not up to the branding standards. Smoking enables your body to take in substances. They won’t allow defective or low-quality products to affect your health. 


You may like to travel to other states, like Los Angeles, where smoking weed is just as popular. You hit the travel guide and absorb as much as you can from the best hotdog stands, drive-in theaters, roller derby, and more. These places offer options with cannabis included.  In this case, online shopping makes you a winner.  

Online shopping is popular because you can shop from anywhere you are as long as you have access to the Internet. It is beneficial, especially because of today’s pandemic when customers need to be careful and stay indoors as much as possible. You can also shop at online head shops anytime you like.

With physical stores, business hours are limited. However, online shops don’t close unless the websites themselves are under maintenance.  

Detailed Product Descriptions 

Online stores have customer pages with descriptions of the products they have. Online head shops include as much details as there need to be to make up for the lack of one-on-one service. While you don’t get to talk to a staff member, the upside is that you don’t have to feel hurried or pressured to buy. You can browse as many wares as you want until you can make a final decision.  

Product descriptions may contain the following: materials, features, dimensions, attachment sizes, and designs.   

Lower Prices 

Physical shops require to pay rent or lease, utilities, and employee wages. Some proprietors tend to add prices to their products to make up for their monthly overhead expenses. You’ll know by comparing products among shops.  

When you get your supplies from an online head shop, you’ll find that prices are affordable, and not because they are low-quality. Ecommerce stores don’t cost as much to maintain. You only pay for platform service and apps, which are only a fraction of the expenses that physical shops pay monthly.  

Safe Shopping 

Customers can still enjoy online shopping this year by being vigilant. Online head shops will put out information anywhere on their websites, such as business address and contact number, if you need reassurance. Legit online head shops won’t try to hide their identities; else, they’ll be at risk of being shut down.  

The sites are also secured when customers are completing transactions. A padlock icon at the address bar’s left side means that it’s safe to submit personal information to pay for your orders. 


When you’re getting smoking supplies online, you can expect self-service shopping on an easy-to-navigate website. You have all the freedom in the world to browse as much as you want. Most online head shops offer the same convenience, but it will serve you well to research reputable smoke shops suitable for your needs as a smoker.