Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 are just around the corner. Expectantly, they are bringing some exhilarating deals on your favorite vapes and accessories. It has been foretold that this year’s sale season is going to be humongous, considering the desolating conditions of the market due to the horrendous global pandemic. 

Whether you are buying a pre-Christmas gift or purchasing for yourself, you will surely find something worthy. Here we will help you prepare for what to look for and how to avail of this opportunity. 

What Kind of Vape Deals Should You Expect? 

The prices of everything from vape tanks, vape kits, and e-juices are cut to a certain percentage, depending on the brand and the product itself. On average, you can find pretty decent vape deals from most of the sites out there. 

Brands compete to provide the most attractive packages, the competition works as a catalyst for the great discount offers.  Statistics have shown that Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale on the online head shop can save you up to 37% of the original price. So, buckle up and prepare to purchase your favorite vaporizers at an unbelievably low price. 

Best Vapes on This Black Friday And Cyber Monday 

  1. PAX 2 Vaporizer

It is inherently light and easy to carry around vaporizer — perfect for everyday use. Pax 2 surpasses its predecessors in terms of quality and performance, considering its amazing battery life, impressive performance, and superb durability. 

The smart heating tech will extract potent and flavorful vapors that will leave your tastebuds craving for more. No matter how many times you take a puff, the device will retain the consistent flavor due to efficient heating technology. 


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • 4 variable temperature settings 
  • 3000mAh Battery 
  • Lip and motion sensor 
  • LED indicators 
  • Party mode 
  1. Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

Mighty is a desirable consideration for this sale season, given its top-tier vapor quality and unmatched sturdiness. You find it a heftier, but that’s where its durability comes from. Based on this, the device is surely a long-time investment. 

The battery capacity — 90 to 120 minutes — isn’t what you expect from a hefty device. The device clearly lacks in this area. But on the flavor profile side, it showcases unparalleled performance. All thanks to its smart heating oven and efficient conduction technology.  


  • Conduction and convection heating
  • Dual 2668mAh batteries 
  • Range of temperature: 40 – 210° C
  • Battery life: 90 to 120 minutes 
  • Auto-switch off 
  1. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

 The unrivaled flavor and smart features explain DaVinci’s eminence in the market. It is, without a doubt, one of the best dry herb solutions you can find. You can expect consistently tasteful vapors even at the highest heat setting. The product retains its great flavor due to the smart cooling functions that effectively prevent the harsh vapors from surfacing. 

What attracts the most eyes are its integration with a smartphone. You can remotely command the device, check status, and switch on and off. It indeed sounds incredibly convenient, especially for people who prioritize ease of operability. 


  • Replaceable battery
  • Adjustable oven size
  • Digital temperature control
  • Smartphone integration 
  • LED indicators 
  • Boost mode
  • Smart paths 
  1. Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Arizer Solo 2 is a Cadillac of portable vaporizers. It is an excellent option for anyone who seeks lasting battery life, fast heating, and more importantly, amazing vapor quality. 

The ceramic heating chamber, and immaculate glass and stainless-steel pathways ensure the purity of the vapors.  That is how the vape never lets the users down in terms of providing exceptional flavor. 

Arizer Solo 2 is outfitted with a powerful battery, which provides 3 hours of long-lasting enjoyment — a rare trait witnessed in portable vaporizers. 


  • Battery life: 3 hours
  • Convection and Conduction Heating
  • Glass and stainless-steel airways 
  • Fast heating 
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature 
  • Stainless-steel stirring tool
  1. Arizer ArGo Vaporizer 

If you are looking for a device that gives out the mouth-watering flavor, consistent heating, and ease of you, then Argo is another candidate worthy to be on your Black Friday wish list. 

Hybrid heating combined with ceramic, stainless steel, and glass airways; the device ensures phenomenal vapor quality. Since Argo is embedded with a fully adjustable temperature range, you can manipulate the flavor and intensity as per your mood. 


  • Compact size
  • Multiple stems
  • Convection and Conduction Heating
  • Swappable Battery
  • Full temperature controls 
  • LED display 
  • Protective retractable lid