Planting and harvesting are difficult, even leisure gardening can be confusing for first-timers. So it is not surprising if you are having a hard time growing marijuana. Growing marijuana is difficult because the first step, getting the seeds, is already daunting. 

Marijuana is already a tough topic all over the world so it is not surprising the marijuana seeds are complex. There are so many things to know about the seeds themselves aside from the growing process. Admittedly, it can be overwhelming for someone who is just starting growing their own cannabis.

Do not worry, though. You can easily learn and equip yourself with everything there is about cannabis plants to help you grow your own. Know about the different types and strains of seeds, how to check and acquire them, and many more.  

marijuana seeds

Are There Different Types Of Marijuana Seeds? 

There are different types of marijuana seeds. Cannabis plants can be male, female, or hermaphrodites. It can be regular, feminized, or auto-flowering. Marijuana can be grown not just from a seed but from a clone. 

  • Type Based On Sex

Hermaphrodites mean the plant has both male and female reproductive organs. They can create pollen and flowers on their own. 

Usually, cannabis plants are grown from seedless female flowers; you most likely would not get seeds from these. Male plants and female plants need to pollinate to create weed. 

  • Type Based On Care And Growth 

Choosing between the three – regular, feminized, or auto-flowering – will determine how much care your seeds need. It will also show what kind of cannabis plant you will be growing. 

Regular seeds are natural; it is not altered in any way. This type of seed is a good choice for those who are just starting to grow marijuana. Male and female plants grow from regular seeds. 

The challenges with having regular seeds are sex identification and maintenance. When the seeds grow, you will need to identify whether it is a male or female. 

You will also have to control the pollination because it can ruin your harvest. This means you will need to control male plants from pollinating female ones and monitor female plants because they can turn to hermaphrodites.

If you think regular seeds are not for you because of the challenges brought by having both male and female plants, there are feminized seeds that will guarantee you having only female plants. Feminized seeds are not natural breeds, unlike regular seeds. These are made through a process called feminization. 

Female plants could still turn to hermaphrodites and pollinate themselves but feminized seeds would not be hermaphrodites as long as you grow them in the right conditions. This type of seed is still a good choice for beginners especially if you are just growing them for the buds and not diversity.

Auto-flowering seeds could be regular or feminized. The special thing about this type is that it results in more flowers. Other types would start flowering when their light exposure is reduced but auto-flowering seeds will start their cycle once they reach a certain age.

They offer different reasons why they are beginner-friendly. First, they are low maintenance. Second, they can grow outdoors in places with short summers. Lastly, you will get more harvests.  

  • Seed VS Clone

It is said that the best way to grow marijuana is through seeds but you can grow them through clones as well. Clones are cut from a grown plant then its roots will grow and genetically produce a mother plant. 

There are several reasons why seeds are better than clones. There are more advantages that seeds offer.  

What Are The Different Strains Of Marijuana?

Strains pertain to the genetic difference between marijuana plants. The strain tells you about the kind of high you will get from the weed. There are four strains: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis, and hybrid. 


One of the most popular strains of cannabis. They are compact, growing about three to six feet tall which makes them great for indoor harvesting. These are characterized as short, stout, and fragrant. Some of the properties and side effects are

  • High CBD level
  • Better for night use
  • Relaxing
  • “Stoned” feeling 
  • Have a short flowering cycle 
  • Relieves pain 


Somehow Sativa is the opposite of Indica. Sativa is tall and thin. It grows up to 20 feet tall. They are more suitable outdoors. It produces an energetic effect on users compared to the relaxing effects of Indica. Other characteristics and effects are:

  • High THC level 
  • Perfect for day use
  • Earthy flavor
  • Hallucinogenic 
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Long flowering cycle


This strain is not the crowd’s favorite. Ruderalis is small and thin. It is not that famous compared to the first two strains stated. It is often described as a subspecies of Sativa. 

Although despite these, Ruderalis is great in cold climates. They grow fast and create strong hybrids. 


The last strain is the hybrid. Hybrids are a mixture of two kinds of strains. Two strains combined create the perfect strain that encompasses all the properties and effects of both strains. Today, a hybrid is much more common than pure strains. 

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Seed? 

Good seeds can be easily distinguished based on their appearance. Good seeds have a dark brown color and a glossy finish. There are no visible cracks and would not easily break. Healthy seeds are also free from molds and other similar pathogens. 

Characteristics like light, dry, cracked, and discoloration are signs that the seeds are old and no longer suitable for germination. 

You can test if the seed is good using the float or sink test. To conduct this test, put seeds in a container filled with water for about an hour and see if the seeds sink or float. Healthy seeds will sink in the bottom. 

Help your seeds stay healthy with proper storage. Store your marijuana seeds in a container that is air-tight and place them in a dark and cool place. 

Where Can You Acquire Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana is a tricky topic in general because of the different laws in different areas. Marijuana is not legal in all countries. In some, it is legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes but it could also be just legal as the former or latter for others. You should be aware of the marijuana policies in your area before you buy seeds. 

You should be careful when buying seeds to avoid getting into trouble with authorities. Even in places where it is legal, people still get problems with purchasing seeds. 

Marijuana seeds can be purchased online. When you take the time to read this article, you’ll see that there are reliable seed banks that ship in the US, so you can check which one offers the seeds you want. With the legal issues of marijuana, a list of verified seed banks that deliver marijuana will surely lessen the hassle for you.

Local dispensaries can also be a place where you can get seeds. This saves you the hassle when it comes to shipping and custom. However, the quality is not ensured when buying in dispensaries. 

What Are The Other Things You Should Know About Marijuana?


When you acquire marijuana seeds you will encounter certain terms that you should be aware of, terms like CBC, THC, hemp, and terpenes.

CBC means cannabidiol. It is an antipsychotic. It helps in treating symptoms for medicinal purposes. CBC decreases the harmful effects of THC compound. 

The THC or tetrahydro cannabidiol compound causes users to be high. It causes psychoactive effects, leading you to reach a euphoric feeling. 

Hemp is a form of cannabis used for industrial purposes. It is a type of saliva strain. It has low THC but high CBD, thus, it does not get you high. 

Tasting and smelling weed is often correlated to wine tasting because it is unique and specific to each kind. Terpenes refer to the oil of the plant which is the reason behind the smell and flavor of the weed.; it differs for each strain. 

When you are more aware of marijuana seeds, start learning about the different ways to sprout them. There are several methods to start germination

  • Soaking the seed
  • Using starter cubes and plugs 
  • Using paper towel 
  • Plant growing medium

Keep in mind that the different types and strains of the seeds hugely affect your harvest and the quality of weed you will have. These are huge factors to consider before proceeding to the growing process. Also, always check and maintain your seeds to be healthy.

There are multiple and various regulations when it comes to the usage and purchasing of marijuana in the whole world. Be vigilant in buying them whether online or in a local dispensary. Check local laws and quality before buying. 

Hopefully, after reading all the information above, you are now ready to get your hands dirty and start germination of your marijuana seeds. Being a beginner does not feel so scary after knowing all these about marijuana seeds.