Wheelchair Bound Calgary Man Assaulted and Robbed Of Medical Cannabis

A Calgary man, confined to a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, was viciously attacked and robbed Friday morning in his home, losing both his medical cannabis and his sense of security.

Keith Gall, who could also be potentially evicted from his house by an Alberta government that wants to shut down his legal home grow, was tied up and beaten by men who broke into his home in the early hours of Feb. 26.

Gall said after being restrained, the men threatened to cut off his fingers, one-by-one if he didn’t comply with their demands.

Advocate Tim Moen, who has previously supported Gall in his battle with authorities in his role of fire expert, interviewed Gall in a Cannabis in Canada video. In the footage, Gall’s arms and head are visibly wounded, as well as Gall’s roommate — who was taken out of his bed during the home invasion, dragged into another room and beaten unconscious with a bat while a gun was trained on him by assailants.

Calgary police reported that, later that day, they made six arrests related to the attack on Gall.

Police were called to a residence in the 100 block of Citadel Peak Circle N.W. for reports of armed men breaking into a home,” read a statement from authorities. “The men allegedly tied up the two residents in the home, seriously assaulted a disabled man who was confined to a wheelchair, stole a number of items from the home and fled. It took approximately one hour for the victims to be able to free themselves from their bonds and call for help.”

Gagandeep Singh Sandh, 24, of Sherwood Park; Amardeep Deol, 24, of Calgary; Brandon Allen Mayes, 22, and Steven Gavin Samson, 20, both from Grand Prairie; Cole Alexander Safarik, 27, of Burnaby, B.C.; and Aubrey Lavon Haley, 26, from New Westminister, B.C., have all been charged with multiple offences including firearm-related crimes, break and enter to commit robbery, committing an offence while disguised and forcible confinement.

All the accused will appear in court today, where Gall is also expected to attend to face those that attacked him.

Losing roughly four months worth of medicinal cannabis, Gall’s fixed income makes replacing his medication on his own difficult and securing his house to prevent future break ins nearly impossible.

Cannabis Growers of Canada has organized a fundraiser for Gall to provide the homeowner with an upgraded home security system.

The CGC said it has provided Gall with free membership into the organization and is looking to raise approximately $3,000 for a security camera system.