Are you looking for a new way to consume you medical marijuana but don’t know which is the best choice for you? Have you ever thought about using a dry herb vaporiser to consume your medical marijuana but aren’t sure if it is a good choice?

These days, traditional methods of consuming marijuana are slowly becoming less and less popular and smoking a joint just isn’t all the hype that it used to be. With the marijuana industry seeing a boom after the partial legalization starting back in 2012, allowing for the market to see the invention and development of hundreds of new and different products and ways to consume marijuana. One of these being the dry herb vaporiser. 

These dry herb vaporisers have become incredibly popular in the past few years. If you are new to the world of marijuana or are thinking about getting a dry herb vaporiser but want to know why people are using them first, here is everything you need to know. 

What are dry herb vaporizers?

If you are new to marijuana in general or you are just looking for a different way to get your fix of herb for the day a dry herb vaporizer might just be the thing for you. Essentially, a dry herb vaporizer is just like a regular old vape but instead of making use of a concentrate of liquid, it vaporizes the compounds within the herb itself. They are a great alternative to actually smoking a joint because you have fewer of the risk that come along with smoke inhalation. Because they have become so popular, they are able to purchased anywhere, and there are many to choose from, such as Magic Vaporizer’s range. They are also far simpler to use and easy to just carry around on the go with you.

They work by heating the ground up herb in the chamber to extreme temperatures, either through a heated plate or through convention heating, which allows for the moisture containing the compounds in the herb to evaporate and vaporise. This is what is then inhaled. 

Why are they healthier?

The traditional ways, and the most common way to consume marijuana is through the smoking of a joint. The way that the most is created it through the combustion of the herb itself. Although it is a very effective way of getting the marijuana compounds into your bloodstream and to feel the effects of it, smoking a joint can have potentially very dangerous risks that mainly come from the inhalation of smoke. It is commonly known that smoke inhalation is very damaging to the lungs and can cause major problems for your future self. 

When vaping a dry herb vaporiser, almost all of these risks disappear. Because of the fact that you are inhaling vapour instead of smoke, the damage to your lungs is far more minimal than that of smoke damage.

People have a large selection

When it comes to choosing a dry herb vaporiser for yourself the options are plentiful and it can be difficult to choose just one. There is definitely bound to be one that suits your needs. If you are looking for something more robust that you can keep at home and t more reliable, you might want to look at getting a table top vaporise, these ones plug straight into the wall and allow you to vape a full session without the fear of running out of power. They are quite a lot bigger than most and not very easy to transport though. 

If you want something that is a bit smaller and easily to conceal, you can get a vape pen which relies on battery power and is easily rechargeable. If you need something for on the go this is the perfect thing for you. 

They’re convenient

The best part about having a dry herb vaporizer is just how convenient they actually are. There is not food when it comes to filling a joint or making sure you have something to light up with. You don’t have to worry about smoking a whole session in one go and you can easily conceal them. The best part of all it that you can have them on the go with you and use can use them just about wherever you go.